Glitzy girl

By: Meredith and Natalie


We are a partnership. We choose to be in a partnership Because we thought it best suited us and what we wanted to get out of the business. Are partnership has gone over really well we agree on most things. The advantage to us being a partnership is that we decide what we want between us and do not have anyone else we have to go through. The downside of it just being the two of us is that if the business fails its o us and know one else.

Our Business Goals.

-Our first goal is to not go under.

-Make a profit.

-Expand are sells and make our company larger.

-Keep the customers happy.

-To stay o top of the competition.

6 Business Activities

Generate idea: We keep up with all of the latest fashion to give our customers the newest and hottest items. We attend all of the fashion weeks we can to try and keep up on whats new. We do a lot of traveling to look at all of the different fashion statements that are going on all the time. The employes we hire are good at finding what the new trend is and making sure it is the best.

Capital: We got on the show "Shark tank" about two and a half years ago and got a deal from Lauren. From then on she got us on infomercials and we are now on H.S.N. (Home Shoppers Network).She helped us get our break in our business and now are business is booming. We run a small business with multiple different locations we have a total of 15 current locations and working on adding more in different areas in the U.S.

Employ and training personnel: We hire the best fashion majors as possible, they are trendy people who are business and help us come up with ideas. WE personally interview everyone of our employees. All of our employees have very welcoming and upbeat personality. Our employees train with the business manager at that store fr 2-3 weeks and learn the ropes that way.

Marketing goods and services: We have a line of products that run through the beautician schools and into some hair salons and are sold at their shops around the U.S. Our products are also aired on infomercials and also H.S.N. WE use a lot of online advertisement and we have a Facebook page dedicated to our business.

Maintain Business records: We have an accountant to keep up the financial aspect of the company. We have a small group of office workers who are in charge of all of the payrolls, and also to keep track of the workers and making sure they are coming on time and doing what they are supposed to be doing.