Chapter 1, 2, 3 Revision

By Raiyan Walker

Chapter 1 (choice)

God has given humans to have a choice and choose what is good or bad. Unfortunately many people pick wrong choices that are good for them but extremely bad for others. Such as Adolf Hitler he wanted to take all of the world but to do it he got thousands of soldiers to invade lots of countries and killed millions of people. The world would be much better if us, humans made choices the way Jesus's did.

Chapter 2 (Conscience)

From their own experiences, as well as those of others, people know that human beings have a special gift called ‘conscience’. Conscience is the deepest part or core of a person. Within conscience, a person experiences God calling them to love and do good.

chapter 3 (Jesus's always did whats right)

Jesus showed:

  • Courage by

    - continuing his mission, even though he knew that some were planning his death to stop him

  • Love by

    - washing the feet of disciples to show his love for them

  • Loyalty by

    • - expressing love to Peter in the way he looked at him, even though Peter had just denied that he knew Jesus

  • Fairness by

    • - defending the sinner who washed his feet with expensive oil

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