It's A Jungle in There...

Monthly Happenings in the JGMES Media Center- January 2016

What's Going on in Media This Month?

  • Kindergarten students are working on identifying the character, setting, and plot elements of a story.
  • 1st and 2nd graders are learning the Super 3 steps of research: plan, do, and review.
  • 3rd graders are visiting the media center weekly to reinforce language arts skills through the use of BrainPop. Let me know if you need assistance setting up BrainPop accounts for your students!

MLK Day Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. This year we will celebrate MLK on January 18th. Use some of the resources below to educate your students on why we observe this day every year!

Plan: Scholastic has a great list of resources and lesson plans. Check them out here.

View: Brainpop, Brainpop Jr. and Brainpop Español all have great introduction videos about Martin Luther King, Jr. Log in with username: wcjeffreys and password: brainpop.

Read: The media center has tons of MLK biographies as well! Check one out today to share with your class.

Show your class the story of Martin Luther King, Jr. as told by Kid President

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Winter Break Reading Challenge Update

Thank you for your support with the Winter Break Reading Challenge! We had 58 students participate and return their sheet to the media center. We will also be sending home a summer break reading challenge before the end of school!

Participants by grade level:

Pre-K: 1

Kindergarten: 10

1st grade: 14

2nd grade: 7

3rd grade: 6

4th grade: 12

5th grade: 8

December Statistics

Days of Instruction: 13.5

Total number of circulations: 2,289

Check-outs per student (based on 520 students): 4.02

Check-outs per instructional day: 169.5

Circulations to date (beginning of the school year to Nov. 30): 12,209

Number of class visits during flexible hours: 5

Number of fixed media classes: 42

Grade level with the most check-outs: 1st grade

Homeroom with the most check-outs: Sra. Libreros' class

Makerspace Minute


Thank you for sending home our Makerspace donation letter with students. We have already started to get in some great donations. The more donations we have the quicker we can get this space opened!

One of the donations we asked for are Legos. We can utilize these simple building blocks in multiple ways. One of our goals is to create a Lego wall like the one pictured below!

Big image

Media Center Daily Schedule

8:45 am-9:15 am: Open Check-out

9:15 am- 12:00 pm: Flexible schedule for collaboration/Open check-out

12:00 pm-3:45 pm: Closed for Check-out/Fixed Media Class Schedule for grades K-2