The Ideal Woman

All you've ever wanted in a girl

This is the perfect woman.

With the help of some of our favorite girls we have created the ideal woman. To accompany this explanation we have a 3D model as well, however this flyer will go into detail why each woman was selected and what she provides.


We chose Angelina Jolie for her physical beauty, something that most people look for in a face. Opinions people form of others are almost always based upon first impressions, and when someone is universally attractive, those opinions tend to be positive, at least until people actually get to know one another. Angelina Jolie is considered attractive by most people, and therefore is a good fit for the face.

Left Brain

For the left brain we chose Hermione, from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Hermione possesses many amazing qualities, but her dedication to learning and discovery is perhaps her best. One fantastic thing about Hermione is the fact that coming to wizarding school, she had almost no knowledge on the subject. Born from a muggle family, her background information on the wizarding world was essentially zero. But through sheer determination and hard work, she became one of the most successful students in Hogwarts history. Hermione shows that intelligence is not necessarily something you have to be born with, you can work to achieve it as well.

Right Brain

For the right brain we chose Ellen DeGeneres, because of her clever sense of humor and accepting attitude. Ellen thinks outside of the box, and does things which others would never imagine doing, or never would have thought of doing. Throughout her comedy career, she tends to stray away from insulting or offensive humor, and instead derives her jokes from a truly genuine desire to make people laugh, and to let everyone enjoy themselves.

Singing Voice

For our first voice we chose Christina Aguilera. The ability to sing is one of the most highly coveted talents that there is, and so our ideal being would need to possess this quality. Christina Aguilera’s voice would provide this addition to our creation.

Speaking Voice

Daenerys Targaryen was our second choice for voice. Daenerys shows time and time again throughout George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire that her voice is one of her most powerful assets. She uses it to control her three ferocious dragons, she uses it to inspire the hearts of the Unsullied slave army, and she uses it to verbally decimate all who would seek to belittle her. We want that kind of confidence and eloquence in our ideal being.


For our first heart we chose Mother Teresa. Though it may seem cliché, Mother Teresa's amazing and resounding love is something our ideal being cannot go without. The passion this woman showed for helping others was unmatched, and her legacy will continue to go on for ages and ages to come.


Anne Frank was another important addition to our ideal being. Anne was a victim of one of the worst events in all of human history, and yet she still showed incredible optimism and hope despite her dire circumstances. It also should be noted that she was just a child during the holocaust, but the bravery she showed far exceeded her years.


Candice Swanepoel is a famed south African Victoria secret model. As a supermodel, she is incredibly fit and flexible, something our ideal being needs.


For our beings arms, we chose the Greek goddess Artemis. Artemis is a powerful archer, and goddess of the hunt. Our ideal being needs strength and agility, as well as hunting ability. The arm of Artemis provides all of these and more.


For the legs of our being, we chose famous native American Sacagawea. Sacagawea traveled thousands of miles during the Louis and Clark expedition, acting as the interpreter and guide for what the explorers saw. Her legs took her on incredible adventures, and she endured endless walking for nearly two years. Having her legs on our ideal being would represent adventure and discovery, as well as perseverance and strength.