Wesley Cobble


This one is debatable because he's only really only dependable to Scott and Lee but Scott always has Wesley to give him a ride


He's intimidating because people are clearly scared of him because of his reputation, even Vernon is terrified of him.


He's very focused, like when Mrs. Hudson was in labor, he was being chased by the cops and still got them to the hospital and he didn't crash


Very active, always borrowing vehicles from his father's vehicle rental place and always going to get Scott from his house to take him to school.


He's assertive, you can tell because Vernon was giving Scott trouble and he just showed up said things and Vernon left Scott alone for right then


I think Wesley's dream might be to become a driver as an adult, he's really good at driving and he might would like to be a driver
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I chose this because Wesley is very strong minded (when he wants to be) and that is why I put that as his symbol