K-2 Team Newsletter

August 17-21

Principal's Message

I cannot believe we have made it through the first two weeks of virtual learning. We definitely had some bumps along the way with our systems (Nearpod/Dean's List, etc..) but we’re still trucking along. You all are digging in and doing a phenomenal job trying to get as many scholars as possible into Live Lessons and your efforts are definitely paying off. We appreciate all of your hard work and we see you!

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Priority #1: Anti-Racism

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)

As we continue to engage in the work of unpacking Priority #1: Anti-Racism, please share any awesome resources that you come across so we can learn more together! This week we have some awesome resources Lisa Peters (K-Lead) is sharing that she received from a Harvard Education seminar she attended. Thanks for sharing Lisa!!



Using Their Words: Six Elements of Social Justice Curriculum Design for the Elementary Classroom:


Abolitionist Teaching Network Presents Guide for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning:


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Deans of Academics

General Academic Deliverables

  1. Please double check that your small groups have issued invitations to all scholars in that group. We have many kids that signed up for Google Classroom this week and we want to make sure they see all their own live lessons each day.

  2. Remember to input 2 small group rubric grades (1 ELA, 1 Math) and the Friday Exit Ticket grade (1 ELA, 1 Math) per student. Here is the link to the Participation Rubric Link if you would like to print for yourself.

    • Please input all student grades for the week of August 17th - August 20th by 5 pm Monday, August 23rd.

  3. Monday - Thursday Record 1 Skills lesson per classroom per day to post to your Google Classroom by 5 pm for students who were absent (only assign the video to absent scholars; this is in order to be in compliance with FERPA).

    • How To Guide to Recording Zoom Meetings

    • The students listed below are the only students without a media release so please do not record their small groups to post.

    • K - Eleanor Renfro, K- Milah Watkins, K- Kynleigh Johnson, K- Christian Leavell, 1- Robert Etter Jr., 1- Alaya Rucker, 2- Walter Martinez- Herrera, 2- Kayli Munoz Herrera

    • Deans will delete recordings each week on Friday (this is also so we are in compliance with FERPA).

  4. Absent Scholars for Math: Monday-Thursday- Post the “student-paced” link into Google Classroom and assign to the absent scholars.

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  • Copy the link

  • Paste the link into Google Classroom and assign to the missing scholars

5. The School Reading A to Z username and password have changed for the 2020-2021

school year.


ELA Deliverables, Updates, and Reminders

Week of Friday, August 14th to Friday, August 21st

  1. Grade Level Group IPP Meetings - Lesson for discussion submitted by 5 pm to AFT. See below for a link to your grade bands schedule.

  2. All videos, independent work and Exit Tickets for the week of August 24th are due in Google Classroom by 5 pm on Friday, August 21st.

    • EXCITING NEWS PART 1: All CKLA Knowledge Videos for Domains 1 and 2 are now recorded by Amplify and uploaded to the Professional Learning website. We will discuss new recording responsibilities for each grade level since Leads will no longer need to record Knowledge videos anymore at our Group IPP meetings next week.

    • Knowledge Content leads will also submit the Exit Ticket that students will complete on Friday, August 28th.

    • EXCITING NEWS PART 2: The Foundational Skills Boost for Grades 1 and 2 is going live August 15th! The Foundational Skills Boost is a video-based, self-guided instruction with resources for teacher-led small group activities, independent practice, and/or additional family resources for student support. This instruction focuses on unfinished foundational skills instruction from the spring of 2020 and is available on a dedicated, easy to use website that includes video instruction and readers.

  3. Directions for accessing the CKLA Digital Materials: CKLA Digital Materials Directions

Due by Friday, August 21st EOD

  • Complete the IPP Process for Skills lessons for the week of August 24th using the Skills IPP Template to guide you.

    • Submit the lesson for your grade level’s IPP meeting for the week of August 24th to AFT. See Group IPP schedule linked above for the specific lesson.

  • All CKLA assignments and Exit Tickets


Math Deliverables, Updates, and Reminders

Week of Friday, August 14th to Friday, August 21st

Week of August 17th- 21st

Reminder: I’ll be popping around to observe and potentially filming your Math lesson. Recording videos is a requirement of the AF program to ensure I am giving you the best feedback possible.

Group IPP Meetings (Kinder Monday, 2nd Grade Tuesday, 1st Grade Wednesday- MJ sent invites on 7/29):


Turn in Annotated (Lesson 6-Kinder, Lesson 7-1st, Will communicate next steps -2nd)to Molly by 8/14

Meeting Agenda:

Group IPP Process

Weekly Check-In (2nd Grade Tuesday, Kindergarten/1st Grade Friday- MJ sent invites on 7/29)




Batch Feedback and Practice

Due by Friday, August 21st EOD

  • Complete the IPP Process using the Independent IPP Checklist for all lessons for week of August 17th (See Course Blueprint for clarification if needed)

  • Email Molly (Kinder- Lesson 12, 1st Grade- Unit 2 Unpacking- will get at IPP check in, 2nd Grade- Lesson 11)annotated using the Independent IPP Checklist (You can annotate on Kami or annotate hard copy and send pictures)

  • Complete this AF Survey - It should only take you around 30 seconds to complete

  • Accept invite from “Canvas”- This will be a tool we use to record and upload lessons for feedback

Morgan Carter, Navigator Coach (AF-Math)

Hello, East End Prep team! I am incredibly excited to be supporting you this coming school year as your school’s Navigator coach. I can’t wait to get to know more about you, your school and team. I am eager to support and partner with you this coming school year in continuing to build a math program that unleashes your students’ truly unlimited potential as the brilliant little mathematicians and people they are.

You might be wondering, what will my work with your school look like? Great question. My direct work is primarily the weekly coaching I will do with Molly. We will meet weekly to celebrate successes, dig into challenges, action plan with data, watch videos of your great teaching in action and debrief together, and work together to continue to develop Molly’s skill as a leader. There may also be times when you and I do more direct work together. For example, I might join an IPP meeting you all are having to model or real time coach Molly. Or I might join one of your lessons during our monthly Navigator site visits to co-observe with Molly.

You also might be wondering, who am I? A bit about me. I am originally from Washington State- the land of mountains and evergreens…and Starbucks. I currently live in Rhode Island and have now officially spent more than one-third of my life living on the east coast. I am going into my 15th year with Achievement First and have worn many hats in my time with our network- from kindergarten teacher to Academic Dean to founding principal to principal coach. I am now entering my third year as a Navigator Elementary Math Coach and I have thoroughly enjoyed embarking on this new journey in my career to continue to seek to close the persistent achievement and equity gap in our country. Outside of school I love to watch movies, explore all that the East Coast has to offer through fun weekend trips with my wife and our friends (now socially distanced, of course), listen to live music in cool little venues, find new delicious restaurants to try in Providence, and play with my dog, Charlie, who we rescued five years ago.

I am excited to start our work together, to learn more about you and your students, and to support your work this coming school year!

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Dean of Culture


Beginning Monday, Aug 17, we will begin assigning 1 focus Grow/Glow this week, in addition to Uniform and Attendance.

  • Glow- Enthusiasm and Participation
  • Grow- Not Following Directions


  • We moved the attendance deadline back to 2:10 pm to give more time for submitting attendance. However, when life happens, and you forget to submit attendance or don't get it in before the 2:10 deadline, please alert the DOC with your correct attendance and I can fix the master attendance in DeansList.
  • If a scholar is late the first 10 minutes of class they are counted as Absent.

    DeansList has adjusted the Friday Attendance on the paycheck reports so that all K-2 scholars are now counted Present on Fridays.

  • Daily reports go out to parents at 4:30pm. They will receive an alert on their phone that the report is ready. Parents log into DL Family App and digitally sign the report.
  • Scholars are still being uploaded into DeansList and we appreciate your patience with this process.
  • Ms. Gamble and I will continue to make Attendance and Technology phone calls home to ensure that our scholars are set up for success.


Will begin next Friday, August 21 during your Morning Meeting times anywhere from 8:30-9:30. Each grade level has decided to choose their own individual parameters for glows counts to which their scholars will be assigned to participate. See focus glow above for this week!

Dress Up Theme Incentive August 21st!

  • Scholars will be allowed to attend the Friday Morning Meeting, dressed up as a Super Hero or Disney character.
  • Aug 28th- Scholars can dress up as Favorite Animal/bring stuffed animals

Interested in adding Rewards, Badges, and Skills to your Google Classroom? Download Red Critter, this link will take you to YouTube for all the How-To information!

Week 3 and Beyond Attendance Protocol beginning Aug. 17th

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Attendance Tracker

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SHOUT OUT to every single grade level increasing their live lesson attendance from Monday to Thursday through tracking attendance credits and reaching out to families!

SHOUT OUT to Carolyn, Victoria, and Dr. P for helping to make attendance calls and troubleshooting!

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Dean of SEL

The SEL video of the week is centered around tough conversations and racial justice. I am available to pop into morning meetings over the next two weeks to process scholar’s feelings about the book and in reality, the world at large. Please continue to refer scholars as need be and let me know what you need!

LIM Habit of the Month: Habit #1 - Be Proactive

“You’re in charge of yourself”

  • I can have a “can do” attitude and always try my best at everything I do.

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Ms. Gamble Support

She will continue her Tech Office Hours - from 2:00-3:00 pm (Mon-Thurs) on Zoom for families who are struggling with technology. The Zoom link is below! Please capture this information somewhere so you have it especially with new families starting next week.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 956 4758 1681

Passcode: eep123

Athletics Team Announcement

Attention staff!! EEP Athletics will be taking pre-orders on the t-shirts below. You can wear these shirts on Fridays. Shirts are $12. If interested, please cash app $EEPAthletics with full name and then email the following information: Name, shirt color, size, phone number. (Cjones@eastendprep.org) Shirts can be shipped to you or you can pick them up. A $3 fee will be added for any shirts that require shipping

PD Schedule (subject to change)

August 21st - DEI PD

August 28th - Professional Development Day

September 4th - Mental Health Day

  • 2:15-2:30 Announcements/Shout Outs
  • 2:30 All Done - Enjoy your long weekend

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Upcoming Events

August 16th

  • Molly Jackson's Birthday

August 17th

  • New Scholar Kick-Off Day & Material/Tech Pick-Up (refer to email)

  • Kindergarten Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • First Grade ELA Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Second GLM @ 2:30

August 18th

  • Second Grade Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Second Grade ELA Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Kindergarten GLM @ 2:00

  • First GLM @ 2:15

August 19th

  • 1st Grade Math Group IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Kindergarten ELAGroup IPP 2:00-3:00

  • Nicole Bruner's Birthday

August 20th

  • Kindergarten Lead Check-In 10:00-10:30

  • Kindergarten AT Check-In 10:50-11:20

  • 1st Grade Lead Check-In 11:40-12:10

  • 1st Grade AT Check-In 12:30-1:00

August 21st

  • Friday PD 2:30-4:00

    • DEI Working Groups

August 27th

  • K-8 Progress Reports (FYI-more info to come)

Teacher Spotlight

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MNPS Mental Health Resource Guide for employees - click here

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Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal