8-2 Pioneers


Grades and Missing Assignments

Just a reminder that grades are due on Wednesday. Therefore, we will stop taking missing work on Wednesday afternoon. Please check PowerSchool with your child. All missing assignments will show up as missing in PowerSchool. If your child is missing anything please have them check Google Classroom first, if the assignment is not there they can ask Ms. Bonin or Ms. Adams for copies before Spartan Time.

Field Trips

Thank you so much to all who turned in their forms and money. We are still able to take DC forms and money until the end of this month. If your child wants to go please make sure to get the form in as soon as possible. Also, shout out to all parents who have volunteered to chaperone. We will need as many chaperones as we can for DC. If you are interested please email Ms. Bonin or Ms. Adams.

Just a reminder… We are excited for the trip to The Pit next Thursday September, 29th.

Animal Farm

Students will begin reading Animal Farm in about 3 weeks. We have some class copies that I am able to hand out. However, it would be helpful if you are able to find or buy your students a copy of the book. Check out Amazon for a cheap price on the book. Thanks in advance for the help.


Students enjoyed their first Spartan Time enrichment making straw rockets! They also enjoyed building an invention that could have helped the American Colonies. Students are currently signing up for a colonies competition enrichment. Groups of students create a colony, get a budget, and encounter problems such as pirate attacks along the way. The most successful colony wins the competition!