Advantage of being in Karate

The biggest advantage of being in karate is you have more self-discipline,self-confidence,self-defence. Being in karate also means you are getting stronger and getting fit. Karate is not used for fun, it is only used if someone is threatening you or doing something to you that you wouldn't be wanting to do. The importance of karate is to be protective and to have courage about yourself.

Different stages of Belts in Karate

While in Karate, you earn belts. There are eight belts in Karate. The way these belts go are white,yellow,orange,green,blue,purple,red,brown and black. The black belt is the last belt you are given in karate. This means you have completed the tasks in karate and also it means you have officially become a sensai. In karate, belts don't mean all about showing off. Instead they are for building character for yourself and being respectful. Earning belts also means you are achieving your goal of becoming a black belt.

Preparing for Fights

In Karate, we learn many types of kicks and punches. The main kicks and punches are front leg kick, back leg kick, front hand punch(called a Jab),and the back hand punch(called a reverse punch). There many kinds of fancy kicks and some of them are hook kick, the spin kick, and the double kick. There are also some different kinds of punches but they don't have specific names, The names of these punches are two Jab punches to the face,or do the reverse punch to the stomach and the Jab to the face. But the punches mostly come to the face first Jab and the reverse to the stomach.
Top Self-Defense Moves | Karate Lessons

Why I chose to do Karate

I chose to do Karate because I always had a dream of becoming a black belt and having more self-confidence in myself. Having this confidence about myself could make me achieve to my dream. Becoming a black belt is very hard but if I try my best and have some fun at my classes, I know I would achieve. Well, that's what my sensai says. I also chose to be in karate so I could be fit and if there is any,I would go to any situation. Now that I am an orange belt with one stripe, I would be going to a tournament on march 8th. I am also nervous but excited at the same time. Now, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I go to my dojo and gain some more techniques to built up my strength and to prepare more my tournament.