Ms. Macias's Minions

November 18th-22nd

What are we learning in Ms. Macias's class?

Math- Use division to solve problems.

Science- Weather Unit- Measure and record changes in weather and make predictions using weather maps, weather symbols, and a map key.

Social Studies- Continue Explorers Unit

Science Fair Updates

Monday, November 18- Science Fair Topics are due!

Friday, November 22- Background Information is due!

* Background Info- What do books, articles, and the internet have to say about your topic? Include the title and author of books and articles and page numbers. On websites include the name and the date you accessed the site.

*Each project needs at least 3 references (students will be siting sources at the end of the project!)

* We are expecting 2-5 paragraphs written in the students own words.

For example: "What kind of battery lasts longest?"

Background information might include: parts of a battery, how batteries work, and a diagram of a battery

Congratulations Minions!

Excellent Cafeteria Behavior

Our class won the award for the best behaved class in the cafeteria this week! Our class was the first class in the 4th grade to eat on stage! We got to listen to music and color during lunch. Congratulations! Keep up the great behavior!!

PTA General Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 19th 2013 at 6pm

Westcreek Drive

Austin, TX

Progress Reports

Wednesday, Nov. 13th 2013 at 2:45pm

Westcreek Drive

Austin, TX

3rd Grade Performance "A Tree in Tappen Wood" for Parents

Thursday, Nov. 21st 2013 at 6pm

Westcreek Drive

Austin, TX