Ardmore, Oklahoma

by: Wade Scott

Location on Map

* Ardmore, Oklahoma is just about on the border of Oklahoma and Texas
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what season is it right now?

* In Ardmore, Oklahoma it is just about to become spring and is coming out of winter right now.

Highs and lows for temperatures and if the temperatures decreased or increased from February 23-29

*The highest high temperature was 54 and the lowest low temperature was 19.

*The temperature in this week went up and down. At the first of the week it started out at lower temperatures and then it rose again and then fell back down.

The precipitation and winds

* The week was pretty dry. On Monday it had a 0.02% of rain, Tuesday it had a 0.03% of rain, and on Friday it had a 0.01% of rain. The week also had pretty medium speed. The average speed was about 20mph and they were mostly going in the direction of NE or NNE

Humidity for the week








This week the Humidity went up and down from a higher percentage down to a lower percentage and then back up to even higher before.

Contact Person

I contacted my great Aunt which is my Grandma's sister and she said that this week was pretty dry there and the skies were mostly clear for the most part. But it was also in the lower temperatures for the first part of the week and then it started to get a little warmer.

Predicted temperatures

I predicted the temperatures to be a little more warmer then they actually were. My ending of the week predictions were closer then my beginning of the week predictions.

Climate of the Current Season/why the climate is like this/ effect of prevailing winds

In Ardmore, Oklahoma it is slowly becoming spring and temperatures are rising and also the humidity is getting higher as well. This city is usually warmer then most cities because it is located as the south of the Northern Hemisphere which is closer to the equator. And places closer to the equator are warmer than most because it is never tilted far away from the sun. The latitude is 34.1811 degrees North. The prevailing winds are 26-35 horse latitude causing it to be a mostly high pressure environment.

Size of City

Ardmore, Oklahoma is out in the country where they have big huge grass fields. They also have a small town to go in but it's not as big as the city of Colleyville for sure.
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Is this city prone to hurricanes or tornadoes? Why or Why not?

Ardmore, Oklahoma is prone to tornadoes especially in this time of year as it begins to become spring. They have had a lot of tornadoes hit Oklahoma over the last couple of years. The reason why Oklahoma gets hit a lot by tornadoes is because the climate that they are in with the cold and warm air mixing together causing tornadoes.

Is the city in or near mountains?

No, Ardmore, Oklahoma is out in the country with big fields and no mountains near by.

Is this city near an ocean or lake?

No, Ardmore, Oklahoma is no where near an Ocean and they don't have any lakes near where my great Aunt lives. All they have is pond.

What effects is there not living near the ocean?

There are a lot of effects like first of all you are not prone to tornadoes and second of all you do not have as strong of a wind because over the ocean the winds get stronger with the ocean breeze.

If this city moved nearer to the ocean

If Ardmore, Oklahoma was near an ocean then it would probably have a little stronger winds and it would also be prone to hurricanes. Also the ocean would change many different features of the way they live in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It would be a different live style for the livestock that is kept there and the farming that is done everyday.
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