Mobile Apps for a Grade 5 Classroom

Five apps that I could have used...

Grade 5

I completed my Introductory Field Experience (IFX) in a Grade Five classroom. The class included students who
  • were English Language Learners,
  • were diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum,
  • had difficulty with fine-motor tasks or
  • who had advanced math and reasoning skills.

As I explored the Apps available to be used for mobile learning (mLearning), I thought about specific students who I had taught and looked for Apps that could support their learning. I also considered the curricular content that is covered in Grade Five as I selected these Apps.

If I could go back and do my IFX again, I would use these tools to support student learning and engagement. I hope to use these or similar Apps for mLearning in my Advanced Field Experience and in my future teaching practice.

Google Forms

Google Forms could be used to create quizzes or reflections for students to complete using their mobile devices or Chromebooks in the classroom.

I used a self-evaluation of learning in a math unit. This was completed using a printed handout and pencils. Students (especially those who have difficulty with fine-motor tasks) may have been inclined to describe their learning in more detail if they had been able to type responses.

Poll Everywhere

I had several students who were hesitant to speak out in class for various reasons. Some were introverted, others were not confident in their command of English and others needed more time to process their thinking before sharing. I could have used Poll Everywhere as a tool to promote student engagement and encourage contribution to class discussions.

Poll Everywhere allows questions to posed by an administrator and answered by individuals. Results can be displayed in real time.

Google Translate

I did use Google Translate during my time in this classroom. Students who were learning English would look up new English words to find the translate in their first language. The input and output language can be easily selected and translation takes place instantly. Google Translate offers multiple translation options for words that have more than one meaning or use. This app was extremely helpful to me as I explained difficult concepts to students. I was able to translate phrases of sentences into other languages to check for comprehension.


This is a math game that can be played on iPads by a single player or with multiple players. It requires application of basic math skills in a challenging context. It is recommended for age 10.

The game can be downloaded for free on iTunes.

I would have used this game as an extension activity for two students who had strong skills in math.


This online apps allows users to record audio along with a shot of their computer screen. I would build an assignment around this tool. I would ask students to complete online work in math and record an explanation of their thinking while they solve problems.

I think this tool would have been helpful for one student in my IFX classroom who was on the Autism Spectrum. He may have benefited from the opportunity to work independently and record his screencast without time limits.

Patricia St-Laurent

I am a pre-service teacher studying elementary education at the University of Alberta.