20 Facts about the Year I was Born

By: Alexis Wolverton

20 Facts

  1. 2002 was the year the greatest person was born (me).

  2. Operation Anaconda begins in Afghanistan

  3. Taiwan officially joins the World Trade Organization

  4. There was a bomb attack in Vantaa, it killed seven

  5. The 56th Tony Awards was held

  6. Iran banned US advertising

  7. Dave McNally dies in December.

  8. Steve Fossett is the first to fly solo around the world on a balloon

  9. Queen Elizabeth dies this year.

  10. Kelly Clarkson wins the first American Idol

  11. Apple launches iTunes

  12. Katie Harman wins Miss America

  13. Star Wars: episode ii comes out

  14. The song “Hot in Herre - Nelly” comes out

  15. Brazil wins the World Soccer Cup

  16. East Timor becomes a new nation

  17. U.S. withdraws from International Court treaty

  18. US is in debt for over billion

  19. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes out

20. Dancer Maddie Ziegler was born in this year
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One Song from 2002

"Hot in Herre" -Nelly