Barbara R. Morgan Elementary School

September 2020 Family Update

September Calendar of Events:

  • Sept. 2: Meet the Teacher(s) for M/W students from 9:00-11:30 AM. Be sure to wear face coverings and you are welcome to bring in your supplies /set up food service accounts/get busing information.
  • Sept. 3: Meet the Teacher(s) for T/Th students from 9:00-11:30 AM. Be sure to wear face coverings and you are welcome to bring in supplies / set up food service accounts/get busing information.
  • Sept. 7: Labor Day, NO SCHOOL
  • Sept. 8: 1st Day of School for T/Th students (for 'In School' and 'MDSD Online' students) ~ Drop off 7:45-8:10 {Only students and staff permitted in the building} / Dismissal @ 3:00 {Stay in your vehicle}.
  • Sept. 9: 1st Day of School for M/W students (for 'In School' and 'MDSD Online' students) ~ Drop off 7:45-8:10 {Only students and staff permitted in the building} / Dismissal @ 3:00 {Stay in your vehicle}.
  • Sept. 11: Alternating Friday School for "M/W" students
  • Sept. 18: Alternating Friday School for "T/Th" students
  • Sept. 22: Individual Picture Day for T/Th students (Afternoon)
  • Sept. 23: Individual Picture Day for M/W students (Morning)
  • Sept. 25: Alternating Friday School for "M/W" students
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Hello BRMES Families,

I am so excited to welcome all of our families (both the in school kiddos and the online ones) back to school. As you know, things will be different in many areas of our school this year; but what will not change is our love for kids and our desire to get busy teaching and learning (even if we can only have the kids half the time). Our new 'Circus' theme is sure to keep it fun for all! With that, Come One, Come All for the Greatest School Year Ever (or most different)!

Class lists are posted on our website here and will be hanging on the front doors of the school until the first day of school.

I want to share with you how enrollment is looking at BRMES and can assure you we've been busy answering those phones and emails as fast as we can. We accepted 75 students into our new K-5 MDSD Online School, who registered by the deadline. We stretched ourselves to the limit to try to work with a few others who patiently waited for additional seats in that school as we pulled staff to support it. This also meant that in three of our grade levels (K, 2 and 5), we went from 3 teacher to 2 teachers; which has been another challenge to keep classrooms to 14 students. The best part to come next is simply to get going and to see our students (whether online or at the building).

Kindergarten: In Person: 38 Online: 12

1st Grade: In Person: 57 Online: 17

2nd Grade: In Person: 51 Online: 13

3rd Grade: In Person:54 Online: 13

4th Grade: In Person: 61 Online: 6

5th Grade: In Person: 55 Online: 10

A special welcome to the 32 NEW students to our school this year and to the 16 Donnelly Elementary students who will join us with MDSD Online. Our enrollment as of today is at 399.

As you know, we are gearing up with several 'yellow' safety protocols in place.

  • No visitors, volunteers, non staff or non students permitted in the building (except when invited for pre-scheduled meetings, events, MDSD extra-curriculars)..
  • Please call into the office to check out or check in your child if you need them early/arrive late.
  • Mask/Face coverings will be required and provided (and students may bring his/her own).
  • Social Distancing will be required.
  • Hand Hygiene will be required upon entry into every classroom, every time.
  • Water fountains will not be used; however we have 2 water fill stations. Send students with his/her own labeled water bottle.
  • Temperatures may be taken by any staff member.
  • Individually pre-packaged snacks (birthday treats, etc) permitted if left at the office or sent with your child(ren).
  • Arrival and Dismissal is drive through drop off/pick up only (no getting out of vehicles) (see below for more specific).
  • Breakfast and Lunch will be 'grab and go bags'
  • Lunch will be served in our cafeteria with new changes, spacing and an outside option.
  • Students will go directly to classrooms upon arriving at school (between 7:45-8:10). No morning recess/choices.
  • Teachers will likely choose outside learning, whenever possible, so as always, be sure your child(ren) has proper layers for our McCall weather.
  • No outside non MDSD activities will be scheduled at our building while in yellow stage (ie. PLCA, non-MDSD sports, concerts, violin, etc).

As things are constantly changing, we will also continue to adjust in any way we can to ensure we are doing all we can for the safety of ourselves and our students.

We are committed to making this a great year! Please reach out to the school at (208) 634-2219 or email me at with any questions you have. Our office is open and we are so excited to see our little monkeys this year!

Mrs. Berg


Student Drop Off {Arrival} Information:

7:45-8:10: DROP OFF: The doors will not open until 7:45. Only BRMES students (& staff) will be permitted in the building. Students will go directly to his/her classroom. We will have staff on hand to help escort our students, if need be. Students must have masks on to enter the building. Students will be welcomed by his/her teacher and may purchase a school 'grab and go' breakfast if they don't eat at home. School starts at 8:10. Students who arrive after the 8:15 bell will be marked tardy.



ABSENCES: Please call {634-2219} or email ( if your child(ren) will be absent on his/her scheduled day. Automated calls will go out to all unverified absences, shortly after attendance for the safety/accountability of all students.

Dismissal Procedures


Students will be dismissed by his/her classroom teacher by sections (see below). New this year due to our COVID-19 School Safety Plans, parents/adults will not be permitted to gather out front of the building or get out of your vehicle. All students will be gathered and loaded directly into vehicles. Stay in your car, in the loading zone and move forward when it is safe to do so. Be patient during the increased pick up numbers the first week of school. Students will be waiting in the grass until their vehicle is in the loading zone. Stay in your vehicle. Do not park. Watch for crossing guards to direct you.

If you need to send a message to your child with a change of dismissal plans; calls should be made to the school by 2:30 to give us enough time to deliver the message. It does count against your child's attendance if they are checked out before 3:00.

Here are the dismissal options:

1. Buses: Students walk directly to buses to load at 3:00. Buses strive to leave BRMES campus quickly to load at PLMS at 3:05. Students need to be registered through Harlow's to ride the bus. We have registration forms at the school or you can contact Harlow's.

2. Woodlands Neighborhood: These students are dismissed to walk/bike home through the north doors at 3:00. Students may not play on the playground until they go home first.

3. Pick Up Students: These students are dismissed out the front/main doors at 3:00. All students will be directed to the west side of the front doors to wait for their adult or vehicle from the grassy area. Students must stay back, away from the traffic and will be socially distanced from peers in their family groups. Crossing guards will help move traffic. Do not park (unless you have a pre-schedule appointment in the school.) All students will be directed to load cars in the loading zone only. We will load students from the curb side.

4. Fox Ridge Neighborhood: These students will be permitted to walk/bike home as soon as they are dismissed, past the buses.

5. PLMS {Middle School}: Students are not permitted to walk to PLMS to gather out front unless they can immediately get into their pick up vehicle. We encourage parents to pick up your BRMES first before going to PLMS for additional children.

Safety is our number one priority! We ask for your patience and heightened awareness (and no cell phones) during arrival and dismissal times.

Check out our 2020-21 Circus Staff!

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Powerschool Help?

Powerschool is an excellent tool for parents to keep track of their child's daily schedule, attendance, and grades. Download the Powerschool app to get started. If you had it installed from last year; try to log out and re-login to get connected to the 2020-21 information. Call us if you are needing further assistance @ 634-2219.

Valerie Berg, Principal

Barbara R. Morgan Elementary School

McCall Donnelly School District

Please notify our office if you wish to be taken off of this newsletter list and/or won't have a child attending our school.