How To Save Money

Budget Tips for Teens

Don't go somewhere you're tempted to spend money

Going to one of your favorite shops could result in drastic money loss.

Avoid going out too much

Try to go out at least once a week, plan a specific amount of money to spend that night and don't go over it. Don't cruise around when you go out, gas is very expensive.

Slowly build up a savings account

Putting just 25% of your profit into savings every time you get paid will build you up to afford nearly anything.

Keep cash away for emergencies

Don't blow all your money in one night, you might not know when you'll really need it.

Make a list of items you absolutely want/need

You can check them off as you purchase them, then save up the rest of your cash.

Set a savings goal

Develop a profit that you're willing to work for over time, and continuously put money away until your goal is reached.

Record expenses

Keep a list of everything you purchase to find key problems to spending money, and to make sure you don't make the same mistakes
How to Save and Spend Money As A Teenager

Pay for cheaper needs

Pay for cheaper foods, avoid using a car for transportation as much as possible, avoid expensive addictions, reduce the amount of energy you use, and remove expensive, luxurious items from your needs.