Olivia Holman



I have cheered for 5 years , i started when i was in third grade. I started doing a competition squad in 2013 . Our last competition the team got first place and grand champion !! I have learned to do a back handspring and also a tuck . I push myself to achieve my goals. In the future i wanna continue cheerleading and become a Cheetah Athletic.


when I am older i wanna travel. I wanna go to LA , Amsterdam , and many other places . After college ( yes i wanna go to college ) i wanna get a job as a Vet. I have lots of hopes and dreams that i hope to one day achieve . Im a city girl but then again i have my country side . Don't let these pom poms fool you .


I love my family so much . I have a dad named Gregory but we all call him Chuck . I have one mother , her name is Dawn . My mother and father have always been there for me , and always supportive no matter what ! I also have 3 sisters , ( my parents had 4 girls ) The oldest one is names Krista , then theres Bethany and Leah then me . My sisters are amazing and my best friends . Krista married Mitchell after 6 years of dating . He has been around since I was 4 , and since I have never had a brother when Mitchell came I was super happy! Mitchell has been around for so long I think and treat him like he is my own brother . He is amazing and one of the funniest guys I know . I have a dog named Gracie who came around when mitchell came around , she is just another part of the family and she is spoiled rotten !


Some kids can not stand school ... i cant blame them. But i love to read and write ! My teachers are oh so amazing ! Being a teenager isn't always as fun as i thought it would . But i have great friends who are with me though it all! I love to read more than anything , but my favorite interest is the Holocaust , a very rough topic to learn about but i found a love for it when i read the book '' The Boy in the Striped pajamas '' since then i read about 4 or 5 books about the Holocaust and i don't plan on stopping now . Its amazing to read about something with such travesty and how people lived through that .. it takes great strength , pride , and hope . When i read it takes me to places I have never been .