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11th February is Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is organised every year and aims to promote online safety and responsible internet use.  The theme this year during Safer Internet Day is "Creating a Safer Internet Together".

You can make a difference - create a safer internet together

 Join your voice to that of thousands of others across the world to create a mass wave of social network messages on Safer Internet Day.  Join the Thunderclap (a wave of messages that are posted at one time) to raise the profile of Safer Internet Day. Click on the box below to add your social networking power to the cause.  Of course, you can also make a difference in the way you act and the way you use the Internet yourself...

What's a Thunderclap?

You should always be fully aware of what you are doing online.  See the short info film below for information on what a thunderclap is and how it can make a difference.

You've heard of Benefits Street, now visit Cyber Street

You do make a difference

You will be making a difference to a safer internet by using the Internet safely yourself. Check out the information below on how to improve your online safety, and how to make sure we are working together to make the online space the safe place we all deserve.
Click here to take the Internet Safety Quiz

How safe are you online? Take the online quiz to find out and then tweet us your score to @studentsrc #SID2014

Get the Web We Want

Resources and information about staying safe online, protecting your identity, and your rights and responsibilities online

It's still LGBT History month - and we're 'All Out'

We are All Out

Your College ID

We ask all of our students to wear their ID in college at all times.  This is to ensure our college stays a safe place, and that we can identify anyone who should not be in student only areas.  If you have any concerns about wearing your ID, please speak to your tutor.  Staff will ask to see your ID if you aren’t wearing it visibly.   If you want more information on staying safe in college, text Safe to 81025. 

Scrabble Club

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 12-1pm

The Core, Stockton Riverside College


RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Homophobia is the one-word summary of a wide range of attitudes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans* people. (Transphobia and Biphobia are more specific words summarising a wide range of negative attitudes towards trans* and bisexual people.)Homophobic bullying can take the form of name calling and using words such as "dyke".  The reason people bully can be everything from being concerned about their own sexuality to being frightened or not understanding.   At Stockton Riverside College we have a zero tolerance approach to all bullying, and will immediately take action if bullying is taking place.  Possible actions are suspension, a disciplinary panel and even permanent exclusion. Even joining in a conversation on Facebook can have the same results under the disciplinary process if bullying is found to have taken place.

What makes an outstanding student?

What makes you stand out from the crowd? We are running a college competition, and want to know what it takes to be an outstanding student. Email Lorna ( with your name, your tutor’s name, and in one sentence, tell us why you are outstanding.  Every entry will get free lunch or a free drink, and one special winner will receive a gift voucher.  Entries needed by 14/2. Winners announced Monday after half term.

Term dates and information

Half term /reading week 17th – 21st Feb 
College closed 28th February College staff are taking part in a staff development day on Feb 28th.  This will mean normal classes will not take place and the college will be closed to students.  This is a great chance to do any final catchup, or get ahead with coursework or revision.

Student Services Teams

Who are we?  Youth work * Learning Support * Careers * Core * Information and Guidance * Safeguarding

Diversity Festival

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 11am-1:30pm

Reception, Stockton Riverside College

A celebration of Equality and Diversity among students at Stockton Riverside College.  Includes workshops, Student Union activity, demonstrations and more.  If you know of something we should include, please contact

RSVPs are enabled for this event.