The Bailey Bunch Kindergarten News

Ms. Bailey & Mrs. Shumpert's Class:Week of January 18-22

Dear Families,
We have started the first two weeks of the New Year with a BANG! It's hard to believe, but we have already made it half-way through our kindergarten year. We look forward to lots of learning and fun as we continue to develop new skills and build upon what we already know. Please practice all the comments written on report cards and go over daily home work with your child. If you have any questions or would like to set up a conference, please feel free to email me or call the school 803-981-1550.
Thanks for all you do for OUR kids. :)


It is EXTREMELY important that you practice basic skills with your child at home. Although we cover many things during the course of the day, we are finding that many of our students need help with the simple things like :
-cutting with scissors
-holding pencils correctly
-tying shoes
-writing his/her name (first and last)
-reading and practicing popcorn words
-bringing books and materials to school daily
-writing letters correctly with or without models

Thanks for any extra time you can give your child to refine these skills. Just a few minutes a day will help to reinforce what we do in class. We always say, "Practice makes you better!" January is always a magical month in the life of Kinders. With your help, your child will truly amaze you in the next few months.
Thanks for all you do!

Winter Wonderland

Thanks to all who sent in Snow People for our latest At-Home-Activty. The kids enjoyed sharing their snow person with the class and describing their creative designs. It's not too late to turn those in. We would love 100% participation.

Hocus Pocus

The kids enjoyed the Magic of John Tudor on Friday as a prize for the success of our fund raiser. All students attended. It was lots of fun! See pictures below. He even turned a rainbow into a rose for Ms. Bailey! Wow!

Dates, Reminders, and Information

  • Jan 18 No SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Jan 20- Immersion Parent Meeting- Dr. Pew (Our Superintendent) will host an Immersion Parent Meeting at 6pm at Sullivan Middle School. All families interested in Immersion or currently enrolled, are invited to join the meeting.
  • Jan 30 Back the Pack Winthrop Basketball Game-Details coming soon. We want Ebinport to have the most in attendance. Hope you all can make it.

Kid's Korner

Last week we started and author's study on Ezra Jack Keats. He's most commonly known for his book, The Snowy Day. We read lots of books, compared the characters, and learned how to make inferences, or predictions about what might happen next. Share these book covers below, and let your child tell you all about these stories and this amazing author and illustrator. They can even tell you about the Caldecot Medal on some of his books.

A Peek at the Week

**Some skills are repeated from week to week as they require additional time to learn and practice.
Read Alouds: Non-Fiction Texts
Biographies: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks
Informational Texts (animals and science)


*Addition and Subtraction to 10
Counting objects from 1-20, understanding that the arrangement of the objects doesn't change the number, adding one more makes the quantity bigger, last number said while counting objects equals total amount, greater than, less than, equal to, counting from a given number and continuing on, subitizing-- (seeing a dot arrangement for a few seconds and making a mental picture to quickly to determine a way to find the number of dots)

Writing Workshop-
Writing sentences about what we draw.

Using upper-case letters at the beginning of a sentence and for the pronoun "I".
Ending sentences with periods.

Reading Workshop-
Exploring Non-fiction books (Informational texts and biographies) and text features such as:

Table of Contents, page numbers, bold print, photographs, labels, drawings, glossary, and index

  • Weather- What makes ice? How does weather affect us? What do we wear in winter? How do we keep ourselves and pets safe in cold weather?

Name Writing- Please help your child practice writing his/her first name using the proper letter formation and only capitalize the first letter. See examples of letter formations in your child's binder if you need assistance.

Counting- Please help your child by putting items in a line and practice counting, saying the number name, and touching each object as he/she counts aloud.