Hardware and Software

By Elissa Northam


Hardware are things that you input information into. For example computers, phones, USBs, monitors, keyboards, memory cards and printers and more! Hardware is also were you store and input information. they are the physical parts of electronical devices.
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Benefits and drawbacks of hardware

Some benefits of hardware are it keeps whatever you input forever. However that can become a disadvantage because you may want to delete something on the device and It may look like it has deleted but it will still be on the system. More advantages are they can entertain you!


Software is what is stored and processed in the hardware system. it is what is saved, stored processed and was firstly inputted into the system. The information is then stored on the device if/when you go to delete it.
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Benefits and drawbacks of software

You can with software get viruses and they can also get hacked. They may also get delayed. a few advantages of software are that they are easy to access and you can get to the internet.

Input and Output for Hardware

Input is when you enter information on a system. For example a way to input hardware on a computer is to use a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, scanner, buttons and other objects. Output is how the things you have inputted can , for example , print off. Other examples speakers, printers, headphones, projectors, monitors and lights.
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Input and Output for Software

Here a few examples of input for software:







Internet Explorer

Google Chrome


A few examples for output for software are: Android, windows and apple.

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