Immigrant Rights

Immigrant entering the United States and Mexico

What human right is being violated?

Immigrants don't only risk their life's to be in a better future for them and their families but they also risk the loss of their human rights. Immigrants lose about 76% Rights of equality, freedom from discrimination, right to free movement in and out of country. In 2013, approximately 41.3 million immigrants live in the U.S. and some have done nothing wrong but just trying to live. Recent immigration policy in certain border areas has pushed undocumented immigrants into using dangerous routes through the U.S. desert where hundreds of people die each year. In article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights it states that we all should have a Right to Equality. Many people think it's wrong when people who aren't born in the U.S. move to another place but why isn't it wrong when other American do? What's the difference? We are all human.

Organizations That Support This Cause

In the U.S. there are many organization that help immigration in different cases. Some of the organizations I found was DAPA, DACA, and the DREAM Act. What DAPA is doing that it's helping lead a path for the 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. and is trying to eliminate immigration for the undocumented people. The DACA organization is a new policy calling for deferred action for certain undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children . This program helps people try to improve their quality of life and helps to articulate the needs and dreams of the community. DREAM Act is an American legislative proposal for a multi-phase process for undocumented immigrants in the United States that would grant conditional residency and upon meeting further qualifications, and permanent residency.

DAPA Information

DAPA is an organization that it's mission is to defend and advance the opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members. All they want to do is help people from being deported and to defend rights that all humans need.

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