South Activist High School

Life is a wheel of fortune, now it's our turn to spin it.

Mission Statement & Focus

The mission of Activist High is to encourage the development of every child. We want the children to have foundation skills as well as awareness of their surroundings, confidence, and social skills. Our school's focus is to provide our students different activities and courses to choose from.

Activist Spirit Wear

Shark Beach

Shark Beach is a cafe we have to eat your food and drink your beverages. It's a cool, fun way students can relax and chill. We welcome you, so stop by!

Beach Bash

Friday, May 20th, 6-11:30pm

Malibu, CA, United States

Malibu, CA

Come out and spend time with friends and Sharky! Bring your beach towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, and spirit! There will be a live performance, great music, good food and drinks, and a whole bunch of water! Lets go Sharks.