By Emily Anderson

Facts about Pluto

Scientists have classified that pluto is not a planet but a dwarf planet because of its size and location. Pluto is also called a platoid. A plutoid is a dwarf planet farther out in space than Neptune. Pluto is considered a dwarf planet because he doesnt meet third criteria. There is a dwarf planet almost exactly like pluto in the asteroid belt named Eris. Eris is a dwarf planet because there are so many other objects in the asteroid belt that are as big smaller or bigger than Eris. Pluto and Eris are alike because they are about the same size and are both surrounded by objects like themselves. People say Eris is plutos twin they both have at least one moon and they both might have atmospheres. I mean we already know pluto has an atmosphere but if Eris really does have a seesaw atmosphere astronamers say their really lucky to see it covered in ice just like pluto.

New Horizens

About ten years ago New Horizens sent out a space probe to take pictures of Pluto it arrived this July and is still taking pictures of the mysterious planet.
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