Bayern, Germany

A guide to Bayern

Why go to Bayern?

Bayern is one of the most popular destinations in Germany, it has so much to do. Its a great place for outdoorsy people, sports enthusiasts, people who enjoy good food, and history, as well as others. Bayern offers a one of a kind culture

Things to know

There is a lot to know about Bayern, It is the biggest, most historic part of Germany, it was a kingdom to for 112 years

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Facts about Bayern

The Facts

1. Bayern is the biggest region in Germany

2. Many major events like the Olympics and the World Cup have been held in Munich

3. Every year, around 6 million people go to Bayern for Oktoberfest

4. The castle Neuschwanstein is often called the worlds most famous castle. It is popular because the King who created it, King Ludwig made his dreamed castle, which ended up looking like a castle out of a fairy-tale

The Moonsheep by Christian Morgenstern


The Moonsheep cropped the Furthest Clearing,
Awaiting patiently the Shearing.
The Moonsheep.

The Moonsheep munched some grass and then
Turned leisurely back to its Pen.
The Moonsheep.

Asleep, the Moonsheep dreamt he was
The Universal Final Cause.
The Moonsheep.

Morning came. The sheep was dead.
His Corpse was white, the Sun was red.
The Moonsheep.

Tone: ecstatic, and the theme is to show how boring but interesting life is