Genre Project


Adventure is a genre that an exciting story that consists of risk, a thriller and danger.


You write or tell your own life in a story.


You write about someone’s life a Biography.

Biography is the history of someone else’s life

Ex: Messi is a pro soccer player.

You write about his life.


Unrealistic and magical world with unicorns & mythical creatures.Things that don’t exist like dragons, wizards, amazons, and Hercules.

Historical Fiction

Narratives that take place in the past. A book about historical events. A literary genre


the dramatically laughter and fun


memoirs are written in the 1st point of view its a autobiography of a person's life.


Mystery is a genre that is fiction focused on investigation and crime or what's going to happen next there thinking genres.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a genre that happened in real life with fictional characters.


Love and passion for someone.A love story like Romeo and Juliet, you would do anything for someone.

Science Fiction

Fiction based on future scientific usings like space, plant, and more.


Either a novel or play about an amazing plot and crime scene.