The 28th Ammendment

The legal drinking age is 25 years old

The age to legally consume alcohol is twenty-five years of age.

The legal drinking age has been changed to 25 years old.


-the human brain is not fully developed at 21.

-there will be less drunk drivers on the road, therefore less accidents, which result in the death rate decreasing.

-there will be less drinking at college parties.

-the people that are not intoxicated can help the ones who are, to make it back home safe.

-people will be making smarter, and safer decisions when they can think clearly, and are not intoxicated.


-there will be illegally selling of alcohol.

-businesses that produce alcohol might go out of business because they will have less customers

-people may protest


About $15,000,000

This is because we will need to spend money on:


-events and interventions on it, and special speakers