Noticing Zero

A Description Of Zero

What Others Say About The Character

in this novel people talk about Zero. "Zero's one weird dude." Pg. 37 "Your not completely worthless." Pg. 58 "I don't like it when you read over my shoulder." Pg. 81

What The Character Says

In the novel Holes Zero rarely talks. "I like to dig holes.",Pg. 58 "Did the shoes have red X's on the back?", Pg. 46 What'd she say?" Pg. 75

The Character's Actions

In the novel Holes Zero dumps dirt into piles away from Stanley, Pg. 26 He pulls himself to the surface from the hole, Pg. 37 Zero smiled when they got

in a circle and talked about each others careers. Pg. 57

The Character's Appearance

zero is a character in the novel Holes. He is Small, skinny, curly dark hair, skinny, and African American. Pg. 37