Hercule Poirot

By Jordan Durkin

Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie

Character Map of Hercule Poirot,

a famous Agatha Christie character

featured in many of her best-selling novels

All About Him

He stands at around 5'4", with his long, curly mustache and pride. His head is quite circular, along with the rest of his body. This man is Hercule Poirot, a famous detective from Wallonia, Belgium. Whenever he discovers another clue of a case, his dark green eyes light up. The man is always seen wearing his fedora and patent leather shoes, two things that are mentioned very frequently in the novel.

The man is quite the neat freak. It is rare that one will find a speck of lint, or dust, on his clothing. He's also always punctual. Hercule Poirot will arrive on time to any endeavor. In 1893, he was a policeman in the Brussels police force. He had them moved on to become a private detective, which is where he comes into play during this murder mystery.

Even though he sometimes works in a group, he keeps little things to himself. He's a very well respected detective though, so they let little things like that slide. Poirot has two common phrases that he uses "the little gray cells" and "order and method". He has gone by the nickname of "Papa Poirot" because it helps he gain more information about people that he is questioning, especially young girls.