The American Dream

1950s business

1950s businesses spread rapidly by 1956 over a majority of America. Americans no longer held blue collar or industrial jobs.

1950s Franchise

A franchise is a company that offers similar products or services in many locations. A popular franchise in the 1950s was McDonald's. McDonald's is and was a fast food restaurant. McDonald's was an assembly line easy for a drive in. Today there is about 27 million people who eat at McDonald's everyday. And they sold McDonald's for very little back then but today people sell it for a lot of money.
What: The economics of the 1950s

Time Period: The 1950s

Location: In America

Cause: Even today we have economics and they are different than in the 1950s. We still have McDonald's today and many more fast food restaurants.

Reason: There are more things today than back in the 1950s. We have bigger cities now and there are a whole lot more people here now.

Result: The economics are pretty bad. they use to be really bad but they are getting better.

Significance: It is significance is that the economics are still here today ad they go up and down to good to bad.

To Whom: This is for everyone.