By: Joseph Bruchac


This book is about the journey of Sacajawea. The book goes from Sacajawea's perspective to William Clark's view.

focus question

Sacajawea by Joseph Bruchac

The personality traits that they needed for the journey were confidence motivation and happiness friendly attitude. they reflected on our personality traits because we feel confident because we know that they spent a long journey with little food and water not protection no shelter and to know that when they were in the woods and animal or creature could have gotten them and killed them.

Sacajawea's story

When Sacagawea was a small girl her tribe lived in a village. One day when she was playing with friends one of her friends saw a enemies as they called them.They were just another tribe. They thought nothing would happen to Sacajawea, that she would get free from these people so she needed to not be scared. That tribe took as many people as they could as slaves and others they killed if they were to old (80-90's years of age). Sacajawea was taken from this tribe and made a slave. She had to take a long journey so she needed Confidence and motivation. Sacajawea was taken in by a women named "calf woman". Sacajawea needed strength in order to work for this women. Sacajawea was put with her friend "Otter woman". Both worked very hard. When Horned Weasle, the chief of the smallest village saw Sacajawea and her friend he had to have them so he gambled for them and he won with confidence and courage. Sacajawea needed hope when she found out that Horned Weasle was going to gamble on them. Sacajawea was very pleased and happy when he won. When Sacajawea was encountered by William Clark and Captain Lewis, she thought they were going to buy her but instead they asked if she could be a translator because she was one of the only people they came acrossed that spoke the leaders language. She, Lewis and Clark went on a expedition to find new land. On that trip she became pregnant so she need strength and courage and motivation not only to deliver this baby but to carry it in her stomach for nine months.