GSES Pre-K News

A Peek Into Our Week

Community Buddies

It was so much fun watching as the Pre-K students met with their 4th grade community buddies for the first time.

Language Arts

This week students will become more aware of changes that take place in the fall by activating their schema. What is schema? Schema is what a person already knows about a subject. Our schema grows and changes based on what we learn and understand about a subject. During the next several weeks, students will add to their schema of fall. Students will continue to play rhyming word games and identify rhyming words in poems and songs.

Phonological awareness consists of skills that typically develop gradually and sequentially through the late preschool period. They are developed with direct training and exposure. Last week we spent the week on listening and producing rhyming words. This week students will be given opportunities to be word detectives to discover if pairs of words begin with the same sound.

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Humpty Dumpty 2

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...

HWT (Handwriting Without Tears)

This week students will be introduced to the letter formation of upper case E. The terminology that we will use in class is “Big line down, jump to the top, little line across the top, middle and bottom.” Students will generate an E fluency word list using both short and/or long vowel sounds. You can help strengthen your child’s fine motor skills by doing simple crafts like stringing bead, cutting with scissors, or manipulating play-dough.


During the next several weeks, students will have opportunities to practice rational counting. Rational counting requires linking a single number name to one object at a time, or one-to-one correspondence. Students will count collections of objects, count out a designated number of objects, and count backwards from 10.


In EC Spanish class, PK students are learning all about polite expressions and phrases in Spanish. We start our class with the song Bueños Días by Jose Luis Orozco. They do a wonderful job using the expression ¿comó estás? and have learned how to answer muy bien, gracias! Ask your child the polite way in Spanish to greet a friend, teacher or visitor. PK classes are learning colors, numbers and animals in Spanish through song and movement. We have also incorporated opposites such as grande y pequeño, big and small and arriba y abajo, up and down. It is a joy to see your children in Spanish class!

Blessings of the Animals

We are looking forward to our annual Celebration of Saint Francis and the Blessing of the Animals! It will be held on Thursday October 8th at 8:00 am. Let’s celebrate the wonderful pets that bless our lives.

Blessing will be held in three locations on our campus:

  • Early Childhood- in the courtyard behind Mackey Chapel
  • We ask that all animals be either leashed or in a pet carrier. All students, if they prefer, may bring a stuffed animal. Those may remain for the day. Their more active friends need to go home with family after the blessing. Please remember to pick up after your pets using the bags provided. We hope for a beautiful day. In the event of inclement weather, we do not have a rain date. Looking forward to meeting all your furry friends.

Important Dates


  • Thursday, October 8 Blessing of the Animals
  • Thursday, October 8 Homecoming Football Games, GSES v. Greenhill, 5:30 pm; played at Greenhill School
  • Thursday, October 8 All School Spirit T-Shirt Day
  • Monday, October 12 Fall Break

Cans needed

We are needing empty 15 oz.or bigger cans for an upcoming center's project. Please send in any cans by Wednesday, September 30th.