Billy the Blueschist

By: Astha Singh

Type of rock

Blueschist is a type of metamorphic rock.
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Blueschist is made up of metamorphosed Glaucophane, which is also it's index mineral.
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Blueschist is a non-foliated/moderately-foliated and medium-grained, solid rock. It is smooth to the touch.
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Blueschist forms by the metamorphism of basalt, and other similar rocks, at high pressures and low temperatures. Forming at a depth of 10-20 miles and about 400 to -900 degrees Fahrenheit.
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place in rock cycle

Blueschist forms in regional metamorphism. It is formed when rising magma cools.
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Practical uses

Blueschist is used in architecture, such as: floor tiles, homes, hotels, and kitchens.
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