By:Spencer Campbell and Cole Baewer

Christianity Facts

Christianity is followed by religious people called Christians. Christianity is a monotheistic religion. They only believe in one God , the God of Abraham. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity which includes the father, son , and Holy Spirit. Christians also believe in Jesus Christ and The Declaration of Faith. Christians have 2 main holidays that have to do with Christianity , Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the day that Christ was born. Easter is the death and resurrection of Christ. Some sacraments of Christians include Baptism , the introduction of Christianity and Holy Communism , the sharing of bread and wine to remember the last supper. Christians worship day is on Sunday , Christians worship in a church. The Christians worship leaders include ministers , preachers , priests , pastors , fathers , and reverends. The Christians Holy Book is what they call the Holy Bible. The Christians most common Holy site is Jerusalem-site of Jesus" crucifixion , and Bethlehem-birth place of Jesus.

Similarities in the 3 religions

Besides God , Abraham is the common religious figure between Christianity , Judaism , and Islam. Christianity , Judaism , and Islam are monotheistic religions.

Christianity Images

Christianity Music

Christian Music

Christians listen to pop , gospel , metal , praise/worship , rap , and blues kind of music