About me

By: Emma Sumner

Research my name-

  • It came from England.
  • I was given my name because my sister Amber liked the name and she offered it to my mom and my mom liked it.
  • No I am not.
  • My name means universal.
  • Yes, Em.
  • No, if they did it would of been Em
  • And there is nothing else I could tell you about my name

3 words I would use to describe myself and why-

  • Artistic- because I love all the arts and I love to draw, my mom always calls me creative, and ever since I was little I have always loved to draw and I have always had a creative mind.
  • Selfless- because I always care about others and if they are feeling down I would cheer them up, also because if someone needed something I would for sure be there for them, and finally because I would always no matter what put others in front of myself.
  • Enthusiastic- I would finally pick that as my last word to describe myself because I never like to be down I like to stay positive, I am excited to start my day and to work hard at what I love, and because I feel like there is no reason to be upset, you should always turn a negative into a postitive.

2 favorite/ most interesting people in my life-

  • My 1st most interesting and favorite person in my life is my best friend Kylie. We have been best friends since we were 3 and are friendship has grown stronger and stronger. I would pick her as one of these people because she has always been there for me and if I were ever feeling down she would always be there to pick me up.
  • My 2nd person I would pick is my mother because no matter what i know she is there for me. I know my mom cares about me and wants the best for me and no matter what will be there to support me in my life.

3 of my favorite belongings-

*My phone, because it has so many pictures and memories in it and because it is a way to help me be able to talk to my friends.

*My vintiage ring, because my mom gave me this ring and it has been passed down in my family for many years and I like to wear jewlery alot so it is just a really pretty and speical thing I have.

*Finally my set of Pretty Little Liars DVD's, because it my favorite show ever and I love to rewatch them. I am so interested in the show and I am completly obsessed.

1 of my favorite smells-

*I like the smell of play dough, because it reminds me of when I used to play with it as a kid.

Explain what 1 inspirational quote means to me-

*My favorite quote is " It's not about the destination It's about the journey " and it means alot to me because It's saying that It's not about where you end up in life of the things you have. It's about the experiences you have, the things you learn, and the friends you make.

Create my own menu-

*Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and orange juice.

*Cicken wraps with Italian dressing, frozen green grapes, chips with fresh mashed avacado, and dr.pepper.

*Meatloaf, mashed potatos, and broccoli.

*Apple cobbler with vinilla icecream and candied pecans.

*frozen green grapes, frozen yogurt pops, strawberrys, watermelon, and pineapple's.

My favorites-

*Ian Harding.

*Lucy Hale.

*Here by: Alessia Cara.

*5 Seconds of Summer.

*I dont have one.

*The Fault in our Stars by: John Green.



*Ms. Haynes or Senora Williams, I cant pick.


*Pretty Little Liars.

*SUV jeepp.




My 5 favorite songs-

*Here by: Alessia Cara.

*The End of Romance by: Daniel Ahearn.

*My heart with you by: The Rescues.

*Fuel to Fire by: Agnes Obel.

*Fresh Pair of Eyes by: Brooke Waggoner.

5 goals for my life-

*To graduate with all A's.

*To go to collage.

*To suceed in any career i end up with.

*To travel around the world.

*And then to have a family.