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Be Sober or Just Follow

Peace and order is the attainment of a society where no one breaks nor attempts to break the rules for each individual puts in high regard the structure within the community. This could only happen in some alternate universe where everyone observes what is ideal. To our dismay we live in Earth where humans rule; where each individual is unique from each other where we do what satisfies us. This, as a matter of fact includes drinking.

Drinking in this sense is used as a term signifying intake of alcoholic beverages. This practice is good if done in moderation but again, we live in a human world where not everyone do things in moderation. Some goes way out of their tolerance level either to impress or just plain old dumb decision making because not everyone thinks about the consequences of their actions.

Driving on the other hand is a common daily activity; it has become a routine part of a human’s life which has been brought about by the advent of technology and like everything that it has brought to life, when done in an abusive manner it can lead turn itself to a harmful practice.

Combine these two, too much drinking and driving, then you have a formula for accidents. No state is free from this, not even in Georgia.

Just like in any state in the United States, Georgia has strict rules in regards to drinking and driving in order to avoid accidents because they know the importance of peace and order, and ultimately the importance of the value of life. This is innate in anyone to value what we have borrowed from our Almighty Creator, because without it, we may not be enjoying the luxuries of Earth, which unfortunately, includes drinking.

In addition, since we are already tapping in the religious aspects of life, it has also become a rule that it is vital to take care of the body that we are sharing with the Creator because this is the only direct connection that we have with Him. It should be protected, it should be valued. Accidents do not do this vital activity.

Rules and regulations in Georgia that prevents drinking and driving accidents is very strict, just like in any state in the United States. It should be taken note by every individual that it is not allowed to drive, especially when you are drunk or even how slight the intake was – one should not drive.

Second, if you plan on drinking, one should have a companion who is sober to drive you home, but if all you are drunk then it is best to stay where you are drinking and sleep over. It is the best way to avoid drinking and driving accidents.

When you get caught, just avoid confrontation with the authorities and follow what they ask you to do and above all else, DO NOT LIE because it just makes matters worse.

Accidents should be avoided, and all of us know that. Value life and your life will be assured with values.

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