7th Grade Avid Exam

Edgar Salas 1/11/16

How i grew this semester

I grew by learning and growing the proper things in avid and what hard work I did to grow and attach into AVID. Now all my work clean and neat, and my study habits are better.

Thought #1 Mission Arlington

On a satuday at 8am we were volunteering to give food to the poor for a thanks giving dinner it was nice to help out someone in need.
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Thought #2 cornell notes

This has given me a chance to take notes in an organized fashion to take them. Now all of my notes are organized and I can study them. Also we HD our notes to look for information that's most important.
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Thought #3 public speaking

public speaking helps me speak in front of a large crowd to tell a speech. Then gives me tips of what to do and what not to do during a presentation.
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Thought #4 TRF

TRF help me improve in my classes and tutor me to understand. This helps me get my grades up in class and learn what I don't understand.
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Thought #5 organization

This helps me most important because I am the most unorganized person. This helped me organize my binder, room, and life style.
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Thought #6

This has helped me to write a memoir and presentations. Now I know how to do them and what are the steps to writing/typing them.
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What Avid Hold in the future.....

After we learn all of the major preparations for collage we will learn more. We may learn what collage will be perfect for us . Then learn the requirements for the collage we want to go to.
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