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2nd 6 weeks Recap from the Butler Library

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

2nd 6 weeks

We had another great 6 weeks in the library. We circulated over 3800 items! Amazing for a 5 week 6 weeks! We also had 587 walk-ins! 587 students that came to the library without their class. It was a shorter 6 weeks, but our numbers went up.
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New eBooks

I was gifted $5000 worth of eBooks for our library. These come from a company called Capstone and I love them because they are unlimited usage. This means every single student could be reading the same eBook at the same time. Most companies offer single user licenses. The other great thing about Capstone is the eBooks will read it aloud in a normal sounding voice. No computer generated reading from this website. Most of the books I have listened to have very animated reading voices. They are really amazing books!

$5000 gave us 143 new eBooks in a variety of genres and reading levels. I selected titles that I thought you could use whole group in a lesson. I also selected books I thought the kids would enjoy.

Here is how to find them:

Click Butler

Click Catalog

In the search field type Capstone, hit enter

Your search results should be 143 books.

I encourage you to explore and start using these in your classroom. They can be read from any device also. So, you can access this website in the computer lab, or using a technology cart, and all the kids can read various eBooks at the same time.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be introducing these to the students as I start receiving the Chromebooks from the TI Grant.

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Wow! What an amazing week. I am still overwhelmed by the support of the parent volunteers, students and faculty. We put a TON of books in the hands of our Butler Broncos. I look forward to buying books, eBooks, DVD's and comfy furniture for the library. If you know of something lacking in those areas, please send me an email. I am working off of a list I have complied of things the students or teachers have asked for. I want you to be able to find all the resources you need in the library.

TI Grant

I am super excited about the amazing TI Grant we received. It is really going to transform the library and classrooms. When selecting what to ask for, I kept classrooms in mind. Eventually, I want these things to be able to be checked out and explored in the classroom. So, I selected quantities that would be able to accommodate an entire class.

Below is some short videos about some of the things we will be getting in the coming months. There is something for every single grade in this grant.

Have a Great Week!