What's Kickin' in Kindergarten?!

February 22-26

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Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]

Important Dates:

February 23 - Astronomy Night-Fairmount’s 3rd bi-annual Astronomy Night will be held on Tuesday, February 23 from 6-8 PM. Astronomy Night is a chance for the community to come together and have fun, learn about Space related topics through many activities, and be inspired. Along with the Space activities there will be an amateur astronomy club providing breathtaking views of celestial objects with their high powered telescopes. Also, the Challenger Learning Center will be in attendance with their inflatable planetarium giving star gazing lessons under the dome. If that is not enough, hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows and fire pits will be provided.

Help us celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Seuss during our Read Across America Week at Fairmount!

During the week of 02/29/16-3/4/16:

Monday, 2/29/16 - "Foxiest Sock Day" - Wear your best socks and show them off!
Tuesday, 3/1/16 -​ "Grinchiest Green Day" - Wear your best green gear today!
Wednesday, 3/2/16 - "National Read Across America Day/Snuggle Up and Read" - Wear your snuggly pj's today!
Thursday, 3/3/16 - "Hats Off To Reading Day" - Wear your goofiest hat today!
Friday, 3/4/16 - "Storybook Character Day" - Dress up like your favorite character from a storybook today!

Star Students:

Bee-Lucas O.

Swalley-Bryan N.

Stephens-Aaron G.

Garner-Gary W.

Versemann-Cole K.

Hayes-Reid S.

Olivares-Cameron J.

Trask-Ana M.

Schierholz-Forrest H.

Unit 6: Our Great Big World

In this new unit, Our Great Big World, we will be exploring areas in space, maps, globes, and magnets. Students will compare and contrast different texts. Focusing on the pairings of fiction and informational texts, students see how fiction settings can reflect real places. Students will participate in a long-term projects gathering information and writing informational texts. During these activities, students write words using what they know about vowel sounds, beginning and ending sounds, and word families.

GOOGLE EARTH is a very fun and exciting app that takes you to anywhere you want to go around the world...check it out!

Phonics, Vocabulary, and Sight Words:

Phonics-th, sh, ch blends TIP: Check out ABCya.com to find some fun games over consonant blends.

Vocabulary- observe, sun, non-fiction, fiction, describe, moon, direction, map

Sight Words-Week 1: with, his, little

Week 2: good, new, our

Week 3: say, from, but

Week 4: by, has, her

Math Topic 10: Composing numbers 11 to 19

We will:

-use the (+)plus sign
-compose numbers
-use the vocabulary phrase: How many more?
-use objects to show 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
-understand that there is more than one way to show a number


Monday-C Day

Tuesday- A Day

Wednesday- B Day

Thursday- C Day

Friday- A Day