TPSP Rubrics Workshop

*for GT interventions only

Workshop Purpose:

1. to ensure your authentic self-reflection of your TPSP goals

2. to ensure your Genius Hour final product and presentation tool exhibits the suitable level of difficulty for a seven-month study as expected from the state of Texas.

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Goals of TPSP

  • G/T instruction that is rigorous, relevant, and appropriately challenging and that includes; options in the four foundation as well as enrichment subjects;
  • growth in student content knowledge and confidence;
  • student skill development in oral communication, inquiry and research processes, and analysis and synthesis;
  • preparation for advanced courses


  • develop confidence in their abilities to complete an independent research project;
  • use their own research to produce an innovative, discipline-based product;
  • are stretched to discover what they are capable of doing academically;
  • learn to accept challenges in order to perform at a high academic and intellectual level;
  • explore an area of interest and passion;
  • perform research outside of the traditional curriculum; and
  • improve communication and presentation skills.
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1. Use the Lakeside specific TPSP rubric and collaboratively score 1 project below

2. Repeat the procedure independently with a different project below

3. Take your completed rubrics to the appropriate table tents and discuss your ratings

4. Adjust at your own will, but prepare rationale to share out

5. Critical Friends with 2 other GT peers on their TPSP projects

6. Complete Lakeside specific TPSP rubric for your project by due date


*all videos have been approved for viewing/sharing

Example 1

Topic: Jackie Robinson

Product: Powtoon

Communication tool: video of product

Example 2

Topic: Elon Musk

Product: models (she calls them artifacts)

Communication tool: video presenting product

Example 3

Topic: Alzheimer’s

Product: interviews/survey results

Communication tool: video sharing results found

Example 4

Topic: History of Baby Showers

Product: Powerpoint

Communication Tool: video presenting product

Example 5

Topic: Leonardo Di Vinci

Product: 3-D timeline

Communication tool: video