Asheville Primary School

August 2020

Remote Learning Schedule

  • Synchronous lessons will be scheduled by the teacher using Google Meet in the same format used in the Montessori classroom.
  • All of the times listed as lessons will not be full time on screen. Teachers will be directing students to work on projects and works in between screen time lessons.
  • Staff will be working on teams this year to deliver lessons and support students.
  • Each child will continue to have a specific learning plan designed for his/her needs.
  • All classes will utilize SeeSaw as their learning platform.
  • Please let your child’s homeroom teacher know if you have specific circumstances that make this schedule a challenge. (No need to call or email now. Teachers will be calling you this week to ask questions about your needs.)

More information will be coming soon about your child's specific schedule and for information about material and device pick up. Stay Tuned!

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Continuous Change

This seems to be the theme of our last 5 months! We know there are many questions formulating and our best answers are to continue checking on the ACS Website as well as your email and voicemail for updates. Plans continue to change as the guidance from the state and county change. As soon as things change that are specific to our school, we will notify you using Parent Link. (Please make sure you have updated your contact information in Power School using the Annual Information Update.) Some of your questions can be answered now and some of our questions we are being asked to wait for guidance. We know this may be frustrating at times...please know we want to answer your questions and appreciate your patience in this unprecedented start of the school year.

The start of school is coming regardless of whether the questions have all been answered, yet. Emails will continue to come from the district about what options you have for this year. Letters were mailed this week for class placements and school specific information about the start of school on August 17 with remote learning. Class placements are not changeable at this time, but please know that our teams will be planning together and will continue to be flexible and make accommodations for your individual needs wherever possible. Being Montessori, each child has an individual learning plan to meet his/her needs. Please know that it is important for students to develop community connections within their virtual classrooms. You can help us do that with online activity participation.

*If you don't have a Google Gmail account, please take some time to sign up for a free account. This will help you be able to communicate with our staff during remote learning.

Whatever you choose for your family this year, we hope that you remain safe and well. We look forward to connecting or reconnecting with your family in a couple of weeks.

Take Care!

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HELP 24/7

Need help with food or services during the pandemic? Many families are finding their situation changing daily. If you, a friend, or loved one need help with food or resources, call 2-1-1 to get information on what is available in your neighborhood.
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If you or someone in your family has Covid-19, please contact the front office and ask to speak to the principal. In order to maintain your privacy, please refrain from discussing those details with other parents or staff members. We have district protocols to ensure safety for all staff and students. If you have medical questions, we will refer you to our school nurse supervisor for answers.

ACS Family Resource Center

The ACS Family Resource Center is available to any family experiencing need. Our school social workers will pack boxes based on request.They have items such as food, dish soap, hygiene products, paper goods including TP, laundry detergent, and even literacy resources for students who may not have a home library.The Center is located at Isaac Dickson Elementary. If you need any of these resources please contact Ms. Shauntey Jives the School Social Worker for Asheville Primary and Hall Fletcher Elementary at 828-231-1855 (Mon-Thurs 8:30am-3pm) or via email