School soccer tournament!

A detailed article on the school soccer tournament.

A detailed article on the school soccer tournament , The results of the games and especially the surprise of the year she gifted H'4 squad won all groups against all the chances.

The tournament began in January and will end the day in the final game of the two teams each. AP class H'4 won the first game 4-3 H'5, goalscorers were: Jonathan with two goals Eli Aharoni with one goal and Dean

With one goal. Goalscorers Mh'5 were old enough Naordzoriib Jan and Roy Gretel from H'4 conquered an own goal.

H'4 reveals creativity and determination throughout the games and winning the H'1 4-0 conquerors are Jonathan Ely with a pair of goals each.

H'4 winning three games and finalist front H'6.

Agrisbi tough game and Roy Gretel occupying second minute own goal. What a blessed .roai disappointing the group spitting in the direction of the judge .hsoft keeps him and cursing him Roy Gretel quadratic equations above .iontn and gets a penalty 30 minutes into the conqueror. Both teams down the field in half with the result of the draw towards the end of the game Jonathan front of goal and winning the game.