Forney News Update

12/16/2076 Forney, Texas published by: Jacob Soto

Brain Jack Movie Review! (in theaters now!)

A 17 year old boy named Sam Wilson has a major hacking problem. He's gone on to hack one of America's biggest international internet system just to receive the newest technology, the "neuroheadset". after that everything else was a raging blur, Sam gets arrested and finds himself a job with the CDD with his new friends Dodge and Vienna. together they fight some of the strongest terrorist attack to man kind, and face an even deadlier virus. could this deadly virus end all of man kind? Will Sam, Dodge, and Vienna stop the virus? how will they overcome this major obstacle? find out when you watch the newest movie brain jack, Starring Zac Efron, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johanson! in theaters now!!

advice column: Carolyn Hax

dear Carolyn, I have a major neuro headset addiction. throughout the day i find myself in neuro world playing many different games. fearful of spending too much time inside and getting too attached to neuro, what should i do? - neuro addict

dear nuero, spending too much time inside in front of a screen all day can be very unhealthy. i suggest you get rid off all devices you're capable of using a headset with and try playing sports, too much time inside can be bad for you so i suggest you to get out and go have fun. - Carolyn

Headset Headline (featured article)

a couple days ago old man Jenkins was interview on how he liked his new neuro headset. this is what he said, "ever since i've put this odd device on my head i've felt 20 years younger and as if my intelligence level evolved to an even higher level!" old man jenkins was a 64 year old man with snow white hair who was known for all his good deeds in the community. today he was found unconscious in his home, his eyes where rolled back all the way. on his head was his neuro headset.... is the nuero headset safe? was it the neuro that caused his death? for more info go to


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tired of that old school mouse for your computer? do you ever wish you could just control your computer.. with your mind? sounds like you need a nueroheadset! just one quick tutorial with our guide Ursula and you can control all of your devices with your mind!

Get your new neuroheadset today! on sale now for $99.99! (orig. price $119.99)


help is needed at the local best buy selling neuro headsets! everyone is coming in to buy headsets with the sale going on right now! we need help stocking headsets in the warehouse, putting headsets out for display, putting headsets on shelves, persuading people to buy them, and working cashier to sell the product! the job starts at $10 and hour, your shift will be 1 p.m to 8 p.m, and your work days will be Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. to qualify for the job you must be 18 years or older!