Locked In Time ( by: Lois Duncan)

romance,action,suspence and drama all in one!

About The Author

Lois Duncan is an American writer of children's books, best known for young-adult novels of suspense. Lois Duncan is eighty-one years old and has one child named Kaitlyn Arquette. Lois was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States on April, 28, 1934.

Locked In Time Summory

This story is a little before our time. In the story there is the protagonist Nore Robins, she is seventeen and a half years old. Nore always tried to email her dad but no answer. One day her mom had passed and she had to go stay with her dad until school but she was not looking forward to meeting the woman who took the place that her mother once filled. Later in the story Nore has to face her step mothers real identity while her dad is off on a trip to New, York for the weekend. There are many great action parts in this book but there is also romance, and suspense. To find out more you will have to read the story!!

Moments Of Impact

In locked in time Some of my favorite parts are when Nore and dave go on a mission to find a older, older man to see what happened and who lived there when he cleaned the house in the 1900s. Another one is when Nore, Josie, and Gabe sneak out of the house at midnight to go to a dancing . My last one when Nore also sneaks out to lisste shed to find her proof to show her dad.


The protagonist in the story in Nore Roberts. Nore is seventeen and a half years old. She is a little shorter than most her age. she has smooth unlined skin, shinny straw berry blonde hair, and trimed tips. Nore is from a place in New York called gulderland.


The antagonist in the story is Lisette Berge, she is against Nore because Nore knows her and her kids biggest secret and she does not want Nore to tell her father and have proof to show him. Lisette Berge is from Shadow Grove.

My Opinion Of The Book

Locked In Time is a great book because there are lots of genres to read in the book and the book never stops with interesting things and details. I would definitely recommend people to read this book


when Nore gets to shadow Grove she said that the air was a little heavier and that it was hotter than where she used to live. (somewhere in the 2000s)


Nore Robins- protagonist

Lisette Berge- antagonist and a developing character

Charles Robins- flat character

Gabe Berge- round character

Joisie Berge- round character

Dave ? - round character

Elements of Literature

Conflict- the conflict is person vs person because the protagonist and antagonist are the person vs person.

Point of View- first person narrative

the conclusion type- it is a finished story

A Fact

In the story there is some foreshadowing and some dialogue conversations

The Pitch !! (what makes this book great)

What makes this book great is its easy to understand its not to easy and not to hard so in the middle. there is lots of conflict and drama in the story that will make you want to read more. What is really great about this book is it does not take much thinking to visualize the story in your mind.