Technology around us!

Technology, my life?

How does technology of the past lead to technology of the future?

Technology today is a very important part of the human life.

All of the think have a beginning, can do a question what is the beginning of technology?.

Technology comes of the past, can seed of the human prehistoric, went use the spear to cached the food. This technology lead the technology of the future because thanks to spear and other methods to survive the human star to found more strategies to advance whit this technology and past the spears to spend guns.

What is technology? (Define)

Technology can found in any part of the word, but what is technology?.

The technology lapsed put together many information, that permits allowing progress to new knowledge, to be more easy the live. Technology facilitated the adaptation.

List reasons for studying technology.

The technology is studied through the following concepts: social, economic and cultural. The technology is studied for:

  • Know why and where we came.
  • Power know what serves us.
  • The defense of rights and duties.
  • As progress in our society.
  • Reflect on what happens.
  • Having an accurate answer.

The advantages of being technologically literate.

The advantages there are: (We facilitate the search)

  • One is that it promotes our knowledge, why ?, because the search becomes more knowledge, in which we have the answer to that question, you can also elaborate on those issues or new.
  • Other we can interact with new features, in various ways, developing skills, new ways of knowing, increasing our human mindset.
  • It helps the development of our society, showing us new ways to bring our life, new ways of creation, survival, leadership, thoughts. Other knowledge that intensify our curiosity.

The connection between: science, engineering and technology.

To establish the connection between science, technology and engineering have to know the meaning of each:

  • SCIENCE: Set of knowledge related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geology and other subjects that obey mathematical and physical laws.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Set the expertise of a technique. Toolkit, technical resources or procedures used in a given field or sector: "medical technology".
  • ENGINEERING: Art and technique of applying scientific knowledge to invention, design, development and management of new procedures in the industry and other fields of scientific application.
We can see that all three are technical knowledge is developed way, also a need for the other, lead us to the analysis and synthesis, are used in research and action for the benefit of our society.

How technology changes he environment we live in?

You could say that technology at this time is part of us, our daily life. The technology has intensified since long ago, the simplest time Spears to marry, to give meanings rituals were used, so spend the legacy of myths, give you the information through paint on walls, etc .; even the most "modern" it is to have computers to research, network and tracking marry, get to the weapons technology, etc. As we move forward we change the form of live shows.