My Side of the Mountain

Jean Craighead George

By: Kulp Dhru

Mrs. Boling's 2nd Period Language Arts

Catch Phrase:

Have you ever been alone in a forest with no one to guide you? Do you know what it takes and feels to be a wilderness survivor? Read this book to find out more and to excite your mind!


In My Side of the Mountain, there are a total of 177 pages.

Point of View:

The point of view is First Person (1st Person).


Sam Gribley's life in New York City is awful. He despises the city life and the overcrowded apartment he calls home. Sam decides to move out, and not to just any other random location. He wants to live in the forests of the Catskills Mountains. Sam tries to stay alive in the different environment, and does very well. This character makes a shelter, gathers some food, and even finds his very own pet falcon, Frightful. Sam has to deal with hunters, outlaws, and even professors! He faces the wild with Frightful and has a lot of fun doing that, but when winter comes, he needs to be prepared, precautious, and focused. Will Sam and Frightful ever survive winter, or even the risky and unsafe territories of the Catskills? Read this book to find out!

Theme and Application of the Theme to Personal Life:

Theme: Survival and communicating with nature!

To me, the theme of this book is similar to a basic guide of "How-to Survive the Wilderness and Mountains", but incorporated into a fun, classic novel. The main character has lots of adventures with his falcon, Frightful, and explores the Catskill Mountains with the curiosity of a cat! This book will surely bring out the "explorer" in you.


The theme relates a lot to my life. For all of my life, I have loved nature and the wildlife. When reading this book, I feel a connection of my personal likes to this novel. It explains about the true meaning of wilderness survival, and also explains lots of in-depth information about the forest and hunting skills. Sometimes, I feel like escaping to the forest and exploring all the wonders of the wild. Sam's story sounded very interesting to me, even though he had to face many hardships such as the cold winter, homesickness, and even finding a home and food. I find this book very intriguing and hope to read the sequels.