Cordelia Hills

Staff Update, 10/7/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: Thank you to those that are sending me/including me on class news. I appreciate it. It is the best way for me to stay in the loop and to be able to answer questions that come my way concerning your classrooms. I am looking forward to seeing small group this month (thanks to that have filled out the google form or emailed me specific times). I have seen some SGI already and others have even sent me texts/photos/emails with some of what they are doing.

Shout out to the Byland's for working so hard on organizing the prep work for our garden. Thanks to Mr. Bondy for patiently working with me as we try to nail down makeup releases, etc. His work is instrumental and appreciated. Thanks to the entire learning center crew and Mrs. Ellsworth on working through a challenge. Thanks to the teachers who filled out Paw Prides and to the staff members who submitted GOOD NEWS REFERRALS this week!!

Grows/Question: My triad visit is always interesting. It is great to hear from other principals about the success and challenges they face and to get to see some of our classes. They always walk away loving our school. One question they have is summed up in "how can we push our instruction to the next level to meet the needs of our VERY capable students?"

Also, last week's question remains: How do you avoid "over scaffolding" with your writing instruction? Do the writing pieces reflect independent thinking or are students copying teacher sentences? How do you chunk the writing process into pieces?

Small Group Instruction Schedule

If you haven't done so take a moment to fill out this Google Form to help me identify what time you are doing small group instruction. If the form doesn't suit your needs, just email me directly with times.


Big picture

Classroom Room Rep--ONLY 10 classes

This message moved zero classes last week. We really want to make this work. If you need help let me know. I am leaving the message from last week below:

**We are working with PTA in trying to start a program that grows collaboration between classrooms, parents, and the PTA. Thank you to the many staff members that have worked on this. If you haven't sent anything out to your parents, feel free to send out this little blurb with your email:

As the room representative you will be assisting me in areas such as communicating with the parents/guardians of my students, finding volunteers for classroom activities, field trips and celebrations, or by ensuring that fliers are sent home in a timely manner. There may also be times where the PTA may request help finding volunteers, as needed, for PTA events by reaching out to parent's of my class. If you are interested, I can share your contact information with the room representative coordinators, Lorena and Deepi, to send you more details.


Online Referral System (OARS)

Online Referral Link: (Use your google log-in)

Video Tutorial courtesy Alison Guernsey

If all else fails, just ask me if you have questions or need help.

Attendance, Student and Staff

Remember, I track school wide attendance here! One of the best things we can do to find success for our students is to celebrate their presence and to make sure we are the ones leading them each day! Thanks for your commitment.

MTSS Tier One Plan

MTSS Planning Docs are below:

Our Tier One Plan for behavior for Sept./Oct. is here! Many thanks to those that remembered this and already hit me up for Good News Referrals for October. Please commit to sending one to the office this month!

October is focused on recognizing students with Paw Prides and Good News Referrals. Both are available in the staff workroom. Remember, students put Paw Prides in the Paw Pride box on the stage. Good News Referrals come back to me in the office. Students can visit and hand them in and I will recognize them personally.

MTSS Request for Assistance/SSTs

The following is an email excerpt from an email I sent to another teacher. Just in case you are unaware of the process for RFA or SST here at CHE:

"We typically want to have teachers request assistance so that our Tier 2 MTSS team can review a case, offer suggestions, etc. before we escalate to an SST. We have few resources and a small team and so we want to make sure students really should be going to an SST before referred. It doesn't always work out but that is what we are attempting to do.

Either way, the request for assistance form is here: Request for Assistance. This form comes to me directly.

If you don't want to do that and truly want to move forward with an SST, you will fill this form out with plenty of documentation about current interventions. The SST form has changed and is shorter now. It is here: CH SST Form. This form goes to Sandi Fallon.

Finally, I am not sure you have seen this but I will share it anyways. It may help with MTSS/PBIS related information. PBIS/MTSS Need to know. "

NWEA MAP Goal Setting

The MAP TEST Administration window for Fall 2019 is now closed. As scores roll in, please make sure you are reviewing the data (ask for help if you need it), talking with colleagues, and most importantly setting some intermediate goals for students to strive for over the next few months.

Please note that the MAP reports page has changed a bit. I think they do a better of job of previewing the reports available to you.

Staff Meeting Resources!--UPDATED this week

Slide deck for Small Group Instruction here!

Update Slide Deck for Module 2

FIA Assessment here

PTA Calendar, 2019-2020

Trotter Calendar

As always, you should have access to my calendar. I will send it out just in case. Here are some upcoming highlights:

10/9: FSMA Board Meeting @ 7:00 in Suisun

10/9: Pep Rally for Fun Run (separate email with times coming)

10/9: Trotter telederm appointment at 9:10 AM

10/9: Site MTSS meeting

10/11: SOM Lunch ** pending update from Mrs. Fallon**

10/11: Cindy Brown monthly visit

10/12: CHE Garden Project--box building at 8:00 AM

2019-2020 District Calendar and CHE Schedule

District Calendar


--1st-5th Grade: 8:20-2:30

--Kinder, Early Group: 8:20-1:20

--Kinder, Late Group: 9:20-2:20

--TK AM: 8:20-11:40