VCR Lesson 4

Rachel Fellman

Fill in the blank.

At weddings, the bride and groom often dress in formal _______________ : the bride in a floor-length white dress and the groom in a tuxedo.
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  1. Emblems and symbols of royalty, rank, office, or institution.
  2. Finery; elaborate attire.

Different Forms

Regalia does not have any different forms.


  • Regis - King
  • refers to first definition (symbols of royalty or rank)


  • insignia
  • finery
  • emblem
  • symbol
  • crown
  • array


  • no direct antonyms of regalia
  • anything that does not symbolize rank or instead symbolizes low class
  • everyday, not elaborate clothing


  • plural form
  • often used as singular noun

How to remeber regalia

  • regalia sounds like regal
  • regal refers to something fit for a monarch
  • shows royalty in first definition
  • monarchs often wear fancy clothing relating to second definition


Choose the sentence in which the bold word is used incorrectly.

  1. Kings often symbolize their royalty with regalia such as a crown or a long capes.
  2. The pope has specific regalia that he is expected to wear including a hat and vestments.
  3. The mansion of the multimillionaire was filled with regalia from elaborate couches to silk sheets.
  4. The medals on the general's uniform were regalia for their acts of heroism.