Hawk Library

Birdville High School

Our Library

We strive to make Hawk Library an inviting space with up-to-date resources and a place where students can develop their reading, writing, informational and digital literacy skills. Our collection has over 17,000 items with a wide range of topics. Our non-fiction section is organized by Dewey and supports the TEKS, while our fiction section is divided in genres. We have historical fiction, action/adventure, mystery, science fiction, sports, humor, romance/relationships, horror, fantasy, and supernatural. We also have audio books, books on cd and mp3. Occasionally we will showcase some artwork or projects that are student-created.
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Freshmen Orientation

Each year we do Freshmen Orientation with all Freshmen through their English classes. This usually takes about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. I show them a short video, we talk about library expectations and procedures, and we take a "quiz" with the Classroom Performance System using the remotes. It's a lot of fun and the kids get a chance to become familiar with the library and how it works. Plus, they get a chance to check out books, magazines or audiobooks for the first time.


All students, teachers and parents have access to high quality databases and online resources. Birdville High School subscribes to 14, listed here and supports 24/7 anytime, anywhere learning. These resources provide opportunities to:

  • seek and find information
  • learn the curriculum at deeper levels
  • practice and master information literacy skills
  • become responsible digital citizens
  • deepen knowledge


BHS is piloting Overdrive, a digital library that is free to students and teachers. We are the only high school in our district that has Overdrive. The collection can be accessed 24/7 and each teacher and student has their own individual login. Titles can be borrowed and used on a computer or mobile device using the free app.

Computer Lab

We have a computer lab that houses 26 computers, a scanner and an LCD projector. Teachers can schedule their classes to use the lab for research, class projects, art projects, their PLCs, or for any other need they may have.

We also have 2 "COWS" (computers on wheels) which contain 16 laptops each and can be checked out to teachers to take to their classrooms.

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Final thoughts

These are just a few of the things we do here in the library. We do a lot more! Most of all we help kids and teachers. Anything from research projects, finding resources, typing papers and scanning pictures to finding a great read! I've tried to make the library a warm, welcoming place where kids feel at home...where they can study, work on homework, type a paper, or just hang out with their friends. If they don't feel comfortable in the library, they won't come in. And if they don't come in, they won't discover the many amazing resources we have available to them.