First Grade Weekly Update

September 28-October 2

Fundamentals Phonics Program

Our first graders have completed the first unit of our new phonics program. We have reviewed all 26 letters and sounds and have been working on the letter formation of all lower case letters. The students were assessed on these two skills and it the tests will be sent home in the Friday folders.

Our second unit begins with CVC words. These are consonant-vowel-consonant words . The children are learning to tap the individual sounds on their fingers, place magnetic letters on their boards to match the sounds they hear, and then to write the words using correct letter formation on their dry erase boards. Our first list of trick words will be coming home in the Friday folders. Please practice these words with your child at home. Next Friday, October 2, we will have our first spelling and dictation test on these words.


Addition Strategies to add within 10

Here is a list of math strategies are first graders are being introduced to in math class;

1. Doubles + 1

2. Using a number line to count on

3. ten frame boxes

We have also started learning about true false equations and balancing equations. This is a more complex concept and we will continue to work on it throughout first quarter.

Each evening the first graders are receiving homework to practice something we have worked on in class that day. Please take a few minutes to look at their work and see what skills we are working on in class. The homework practice should be returned the following day.

Writing Workshop

Each day first graders are working on their personal narratives. Our first unit has us learning to write about a personal moment in our lives. We are learning punctuation, phonetic spelling, and stretching our sentences. After we finish our stories, each child is invited to sit in the "Author's Chair" and read their story to the class. It is a great way to show off our completed stories and for the children to hear about their classmates' experiences and adventures.


The Willow Creek library is currently under renovations. We were able to go on Friday for the first time to check out a book on some temporary shelves until the final remodeling is complete. Our official library check out day will be TUESDAYS at 12:45. The first graders will need to bring back their library book in order to check out a new one.
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