American Labor Movement

Collin Paulsen

John D Rockefeller

John D Rockefeller lived from July 8 1839 to May 23 1937. One founder of the standard oil company. Small fortune in the wholesale found business. He became the worlds wealthiest man. Rockefeller donated more then $500 during his life. He retired in 1897 from the oil business.

George Pullman

George Pullman lived from March 3 1831 to Oct. 19 1897. He built a car industry. He also built a new factory in Chicago. He also built a town for water.His Pullman Company hired African-Americans to work the Pullman cars. He lowered wages and made the workers work longer hours. The workers went on strike and he was taken to court. He was famous for saying "Luxury for the middle class". Also said "hotel on wheels". He was referring to his cars.

American Federation of Labor

The American Federation of labor was the first federation of labor unions. It was made in Columbus Ohio in May 1886. Samuel Gompers was the first president of it. He died in 1924. It came from the craft unions and also knights of labor. The association tried to get the workers wages up by twenty percent. There was 6,000 members and 19 factories were locked out by the owners. It made better working conditions and made sure the workers were being treated better.

Life at Pullman as a worker

Life at Pullman Illinois was not very good. People were over worked and did not get paid good at all. They had very bad houses and could not buy much food so were were small and weak. They were also very dirty and could not pay for anything. The whole town was run down. The workers worked very hard in the factory's. They built railroad cars, cars, and trolley buses. Most of the workers were African-American. They were told they would get paid good but never did. They were lied too.

Homestead Steel Works Strike of 1892

The homestead Strike is also known as homestead steel strike. It was an industrial lockout and strike which began on Jun 30 1892. It was a battle between workers and private security agents. It was the second largest strike in the U.S. During the time of the strike no goods were being produced at the factory's so the demand for the product grew and got very expensive. The owners did hire new people but they were not skilled and messed up a lot, which costed the company's a lot of money. A agreement was finally reached after lots of time and money was lost.

State of labor unions in U.S.

The labor unions are people that work at a place for many years and do a great job doing it. These people will collective bargaining over wages, they get benefits and working conditions for their memberships and also stand up for the people they represent. They make sure the company's are treating the workers right and will not let them take advantage of the workers. In 2010 11.4% of people were workers belonging to the union. The biggest union in the U.S today are American Federation of labor congress of Industrial organizations.

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