Smoking ban

Ban cigarettes!


Smoking is addictive and bad and does a lot of harms your body. But should we ban it? My answer is yes because it is like a drug. If drugs are banned than why not cigarettes?


Smoking should be banned because it's addictive and does lots of bad stuff to your body. Smoking does harm to other people too like secondhand smoke.

Death because of cigarettes

18% of Americans who died was because of smoking. Some of these people didn't even smoke. It was because of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke happen when someone around you smoke and you breathe in the smoke. This damages the body more than it damages the smoker. Smoking causes tumors, lung cancer and other things to you body.

How it started

People wonder why anyone would ever want to start smoking. But its not really a mystery, most people start when they were a teen. Why, because they do it to feel like they fit in. Or they do it because they feel peer pressure, from their friends. Cigarette company have ads targeted teens, since teens are big customers to them. Most people think this is unfair, so tobacco companies are not allowed to have there ads on TV, have their ads near a school, or on the radio. Tobacco companies make their advertisement attractive to teens. The women who smoke in the ads are pretty and thin, the men who smoke in the ads are handsome and strong. They make it look like smoking is cool. But in truth Cigarettes are nothing like that.
Unbelievable: doctors recommend smoking ! 60 years ago...
Banned Stop Smoking Commercial

Why don't they stop

Most smokers know what smoking does to their body but they can't stop. Why, because

tobacco has nicotine which is an addictive chemical. Once you start you are like a prisoner in tobacco.

What is in Tobacco

Tobacco has over 4,000 chemicals in it. Including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nicotine. It also has tar which is a dark liquid that is flammable. 90% of tobacco is GMO which means that there is pesticide in the tobacco. Pesticide is a chemical that people use to kill bugs and insects.

Effects of smoking

About 90% of smokers start because they started when they were under 18. Smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. It could shorten your life by 10 years or more. Smokers have to pay up to thousands of dollars every year on their habit.

Secondhand smoke

Secondhand smoke is worse than smoking itself. Secondhand smoke happen when someone smokes near you and you breathe in the smoke. This is more dangerous because when you smoke you have the filter to clean the smoke a little. But if you don't have the filter it's more dangerous smoke.

There still hope

After 20 minutes your body already starts healing. Your blood pressure decreases and you pulse rate drops. After 8 hours your Carbon monoxide level drops to normal. After 24 hours your heart attack chances decrease. After 48 hours your Nerve start to regrow and you can smell better. After a couple of months you cough less and can have better breath. After 1 year your heart disease chances decrease. This is the good that you get for quitting.

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