The BCOE Brief

Butte County Office of Education News & Highlights Fall 22

A Message from Superintendent Sakuma

We're halfway through August, and our schools have welcomed students, staff, and families back to a new school year. This year, we returned to hosting our BCOE Annual Employee Recognition Event in person. It was so wonderful to see and celebrate so many of our employees. There were hugs, laughs, and good times had by all who were able to attend. We honored several fantastic staff members, and our favorite mascot, Chewy the Squirrel, made sure to say hello.

The start of a new school year is a beautiful time for all of us involved in education. We have the opportunity to develop new goals, build new relationships, and embark upon new challenges. Our BCOE schools and programs are focusing on academic achievement through engagement and access, as well as social-emotional learning in a safe and nurturing environment. While supporting and improving student achievement is an integral part of what we do, we know it is also essential to focus on our students' social and emotional needs.

I hope each of you reading this newsletter found some time this summer that was enjoyable, renewing, adventurous, and interwoven with fun and relaxation. I warmly welcome everyone back for the beginning of a terrific school year.

BCOE Annual Employee Event

Photos by Tonya Paul & Watershed Media

BCOE Program Update

BCOE Child Development Programs & Services

The BCOE Child Development Programs & Services (CDPS) Children's Centers include 9 preschools serving over 400 children throughout Butte County. These Children's Centers provide early care and education for children in a fun, enriching, supportive, culturally-diverse setting. Our facilities are licensed and state-regulated, and maintain high standards for quality early childhood education. Parents or guardians can enroll their children by visiting the CDPS enrollment website.

Additionally, the Children's Center Collaborative offers a unique learning environment that promotes children's development to reach their full potential. A collaborative partnership with E-Center's Head Start program, it provides full day child care and development services for income eligible children ages three to kindergarten entry.

This comprehensive program provides seamless, preschool opportunities to meet children's individual and identified needs, and offers specialized health and family support services. Mariposa Children's Center, Table Mountain Children's Center, and South Oroville Children's Center are located in Chico and Oroville. Visit the CDPS Children's Center Collaborative to learn more about this unique and exciting partnership, and to request enrollment information.

Butte County School District News


The Thermalito Union Elementary School District received funding through the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. The foundation announced their commitment to support literacy in the communities that Dollar General calls home, including Thermalito. The financial commitment included grants to support family, adult and summer literacy programs across the country. In addition, Valley Oak Children's Services donated over 200 books to their summer reading program.

Thermalito Union Elementary School District students were able to take part in the summer reading program, which offers additional access to programs that help build and strengthen reading and literacy skills. Students were also gifted a book to take home with them, to support their gained knowledge outside of the classroom.

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